Saturday, September 24, 2005

Iran News - Water export possible: Iran's Energy Minister

Iran News - Water export possible: Iran's Energy Minister: "Water export possible: Iran's Energy Minister

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LONDON, September 24 (IranMania) - Iran's Energy Minister Parviz Fattah said that abundant water resources in certain parts of the country make export to neighboring countries possible.

In an interview with ISNA, Fattah added that talks are underway with the Foreign Ministry to facilitate this.

According to the minister, 80 dam construction projects are underway in different parts of the country with an average physical progress of 25 %. They are expected to become operational within the next four years, brining total water reserve capacity to 30 bln cubic meters, he said.

The minister noted that by implementing hydroelectric dam projects, the government hopes to boost power production and reserve levels considerably.
He added that despite the support of the government and parliament, privatization of the power sector is not making much progress.

?The ministry prioritizes water projects on the basis of climatic conditions and development needs. The power and water sectors currently face arrears of 24,000 bln rials and 7,000 bln rials respectively.?

The minister acknowledged that the water sector has turned into a loss-making industry in almost all provinces mainly due to unsuccessful performance of contractors and factories.

At present, the total volume of available water resources in Iran does not exceed 94 bln cubic meters, of which 83 bln cubic meters are used in the agriculture sector, he said, adding that some 93 % of this amount is consumed in low-productivity activities, whereas the same figure stands at an average of 65 % worldwide.

More importantly, close to 70 % of water resources is distributed in 30 % of the country?s area.

Given the mean annual rainfall of about 250mm, the total volume of precipitation in the country is about 413 bln cubic meters of which 130 bln cubic meters can be harnessed, he concluded."


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