Sunday, September 25, 2005

Iran Daily: IRIB UrgedTo Respect Jews

Iran Daily: "IRIB UrgedTo Respect Jews

TEHRAN, April 13--Parliament Speaker Gholamali Haddad-Adel called on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting to show due respect to religious minorities and their rights.
Speaking during the parliament’s open session on Wednesday, Haddad-Adel pointed to the remarks of Jewish MP Maurice Motamed during a pre-agenda speech, criticizing the IRIB’s negative representation of Jews and asked the state TV and radio to observe minority rights in their programs.
Motamed had criticized the IRIB for airing an anti-Jewish series. “Insulting the Jews and making false accusations against them in a TV series during the past decade has not only hurt their sentiments, but also convinced them to leave their homeland in large numbers,“ the MP noted.
Motamed recalled a comment by the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini who once said: “For us, Jews are different from Zionists. The Jewish community, like other minorities, belongs to this nation and Islam treats them on a par with other minorities.“
Haddad-Adel confirmed noticing the same discrepancy when watching a TV series and said the Jewish MP was entitled to the criticism."


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