Saturday, July 02, 2005

Reuters AlertNet - Austrian Peter Pilz makes new charge against Iran president-elect

Reuters AlertNet - Austrian makes new charge against Iran president-elect: "Austrian makes new charge against Iran president-elect
02 Jul 2005 15:56:11 GMT

Source: Reuters
(Adds statement from Iranian exile spokesman)
By Louis Charbonneau
VIENNA, July 2 (Reuters) - An outspoken Austrian politician has accused Iran's newly elected president of aiding the 1989 assassination of a Kurdish opposition leader in Vienna, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday.
But the ministry said it was not investigating the charge.
Austrian Green Party politician Peter Pilz said he had information implicating Iranian President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the 1989 assassination of Iranian exile Kurdish leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and two other Kurdish opposition politicians in the Austrian capital.
Several weeks ago Pilz, the Greens' security spokesman, gave Austria's Interior Ministry documents that he says support the allegation, said ministry spokesman Major Rudolf Gollia.
'These documents were then forwarded to the state prosecutor's office, and the matter is in their hands,' Gollia said, adding the ministry was not investigating the matter.
'Until now we have not received a request from the prosecutor's office to begin a formal investigation,' he said. 'But that doesn't mean there couldn't be one in the future.'
A senior aide to Ahmadinejad in Tehran said: 'This is not even worth commenting on. It is like the other accusations and there will be more accusations.' In an interview with the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, Pilz said his accusation was based on information he received from an 'extraordinarily credible' informer, an Iranian journalist living in France who Pilz calls only 'witness D'.
Witness D's information came from one of the alleged gunmen, who contacted "


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