Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Vice President Hossein Mar'ashi: Iran to invest 40,000 billion rials in tourism industry - Irna

Dep. President: Iran to invest 40,000 billion rials in tourism industry - Irna: "Dep. President: Iran to invest 40,000 billion rials in tourism industry Semnan, April 27, IRNA
Deputy President and Head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (CHTO) Hossein Mar'ashi said here Wednesday, "Iran will invest 40,000 billion rials (around $5 billion) in tourism industry during the current (Iranian) year (ending on March 20, 2006).

Speaking at the weekly provincial administrative session of Semnan, the deputy president added, "The private sector would invest 23,000 billion rials (around $4 billion) of that amount and the public sector would cover the remaining 8,000 billion rials (around $1 billion)."
Referring to his two-day tour of Semnan Province tourism attractions Mar'ashi said, "The 9,000-year-old Tehran-Mashhad Road, that is an ancient tourism route, is one of Semnan Province's major tourism resources."
He added, "That well established, centuries-old corridor has as a matter of fact been influencing the social and economic spheres of life in Semnan Province throughout history, and full advantage of it should be taken in order to boost the province's tourism industry today."
Mar'ashi referred to Semnan Province's "national parks and other preserved natural resources" as that province's most precious wealth.

He reiterated, "Keeping in mind that your province is on the margin of the country's two great deserts, that potential alone can easily account for 5% of the country's internal and international tourism, if it is well preserved."
Mar'ashi added, "Your national parks are definitely a true tourism attraction that is unique throughout the whole Middle East." The CHTO head referred to Semnan Province's "climatic diversity" and the presence of a number of the country's mystic and religious personalities' holy shrines in the region as other tourism attractions of the province.

Semnan Governor General Hamid Haji-Abdolvahab, too, referred to "Higher education, tourism, and mines and industries" as the "main three axes of the province's development in the country's fourth comprehensive development plan.

He added, "Some 20% of the country's preserved national natural resources are located in Semnan Province, and 3.5 million of the 4.5 million pilgrims of Imam Reza (PBUH) who when there by land during the recent Nourouz (Iranian New year) holidays passed through Semnan on their way to and from Mashhad."


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