Friday, April 22, 2005

Iran VP, Afghan president discuss mutual issues - Irna

Iran VP, Afghan president discuss mutual issues - Irna: "Iran VP, Afghan president discuss mutual issues Jakarta, April 22, IRNA
Iran's first Vice-President Mohammad-Reza Aref and Afghan President Hamid Karzai in a meeting on the sidelines of the Asia-Africa summit here Friday discussed matters of bilateral interest.

During the meeting, Aref referred to Iran's policies to help the rebuilding of Afghanistan and underlined Tehran's commitment to its pledges.

He pointed to the project on construction of the route connecting Herat and Dogharoun as an example of such cooperation and stressed that special priority will be given to transit of goods via Afghanistan.

"The reconstruction can only be materialized under the light of security and stability in the country and Iran will spare no effort to promote the regional security," he added.

The vice-president underlined the importance of exchanging views between the high-ranking officials of the two sides in promotion of the strategic mutual ties and hoped that Afghanistan will manage to become economically independent, instead of relying on other states.

Turning to Iran's policy to encourage the private sector to have a stronger participation in plans to reconstruct Afghanistan, he noted, "In addition to exporting goods and having trade ties with the country, Iran is willing to further export technical and engineering services to Afghanistan."
For his part, President Karzai referred to the regional and international cooperation of his country with others, particularly its neighbors, and called for expediting the reconstruction process and commitment of the world developed countries towards Afghanistan.

"Campaign against terrorism, production and smuggling of drugs as well as promotion of collaboration with regional countries based on mutual understanding are high on the agenda of the Afghan cabinet," added Karzai.

The 2005 Asia-Africa Summit opened in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Friday.

Cooperation between the two continents of Africa and Asia, campaign against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction as well as assessment of the proposed structural schemes are high on the summit agenda.



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