Saturday, January 01, 2005

Iran Gov't determined on ties with Arabs - Persian Journal

Iran Gov't determined on ties with Arabs - Persian Journal Latest Iran news & Iranian Article News paper: "Iran Gov't determined on ties with Arabs
Jan 1, 2005, 14:03

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Iranian presidential advisor Mohammad Sadr here Saturday said that Tehran is determined to bolster relations with the Arab states and ignore the unfavorable Iran-Arab political memories of the past.

The government has achieved some success to the effect, the presidential advisor added.

"Some Arab countries have responded to such a call positively, while others have either shown no reaction or have first welcomed the proposal but changed their approach later on, such as King Hussein of Jordan.

" Arab leaders should take into view that a positive response to President Khatami's call and taking a friendly approach towards Iran will be in the interest of all regional states," he added.

Sadr hoped that the Arab states would not be impressed by the West's intrigues such as the Persian Gulf issue and using false terms.

"Given that Iran and the Arab states are Muslims and have common interests and culture, their mutual economic relations should follow a unique policy," concluded Sadr."


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