Saturday, January 08, 2005

Iran amongst world’s top cooking oil importers

Iran amongst world�s top cooking oil importers: "Iran amongst world’s top cooking oil importers
TEHRAN, Jan. 7 (MNA) –- Each year, Iran spends more than $1 billion on importing cooking oil and soybean cakes.
The total cooking oil consumption in Iran reaches 1.1 million tons, of which almost 90% is imported and the rest (120,000 tons) is produced domestically. Meanwhile, some 400,000 tons of oil seeds is consumed annually in the country, most of which used as livestock food.

Recently, the Agricultural Jihad Ministry prepared a plan that will help the national self-sufficiency in production of cooking oil. If everything goes according to this plan, Iran’s dependence on imports of the basic product will plummet from 90% to 23% in a short period. Yet, the plan is yet to start, being left on the shelf in the Management and Planning Organization (MPO).

Experts predict that Iran will have to import some $2 billion of oil seeds in the next few years. The per capita consumption of these seeds in the country has reached 17 kilograms. Figures also show that, in order to produce 1 million tons of cooking oil, some 3.5 million tons of oil seeds is needed. So, about 15% of the total oil seed output is expected to be used for making cooking oil next year."


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