Tuesday, December 07, 2004

India urges Iran to deliver gas at border

India urges Iran to deliver gas at border: "India urges Iran to deliver gas at border:
[India News]: New Delhi, Dec 6 : India Monday urged Iran to "negotiate a transit corridor" with others in the region for delivery of gas on the border while seeking wider cooperation in the energy sector.

"We could receive from Iran vast quantities of natural gas at an appropriate point on our border. It would be for Iran to work out how to deliver the gas to us, either directly on its own or in association with others in the region," Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar told the Iran and Middle East gas forum in Tehran.

Emphasising India's growing dependence on imports for its oil and gas requirement, the minister said over the next 20 years "our demand for natural gas is going to grow to at least 400 million standard cubic metres per day (100 million tonnes per year".

Seeking wider cooperation, the minister in his address, made available here, emphasised India's keenness and dependence on the gas rich country for future supplies while urging it not to link purchase of gas to India's participation in its exploration activities.

India's attempt to get a share in Iran's exploration activities are held up due to both sides not having as yet finalised the quantum and price of the gas Indian companies would have to pay to source the energy fuel.

Iran is keen that India import around five to seven million tonnes of gas annually either through pipeline route or as liquefied natural gas (LNG). During his visit, the minister is expected to push for the conclusion of the pending agreement.

"We can be of some assistance in refurbishing your refineries and in undertaking greenfield refinery projects. We also can be of assistance in establishing and running oil tank farms in Iran as we are doing for example in Sri Lanka," said Aiyar.

He urged Iran to look at India's cooperation in the field of retailing of petroleum products.

In the upstream sector, Aiyar said, "We are excited about the prospect of becoming partners with Iran in exploration and production in Iran and even in India."

Iran has accorded India in principle recognition as sole operator in some small fields and as operator in association with others and the state-owned Iranian energy majors in the larger fields.

"There are enticing new prospects in southern Iran. You will find in India an enthusiastic partner in those fields too," the minister said.

He expressed happiness at Iran's participation in the Asian Suppliers and Buyers Meet being organised in the capital on Jan 6 in association with Kuwait and International Energy Forum as co-hosts.

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Iran Mullahs to Confiscate Sites & Blogs, Replace Content - Persian Journal Latest Iran news & Iranian Article News paper

Iran Mullahs to Confiscate Sites & Blogs, Replace Content - Persian Journal Latest Iran news & Iranian Article News paper: "Iran Mullahs to Confiscate Sites & Blogs, Replace Content
Dec 6, 2004, 20:53

Iran's mullah-run ministry of culture and Islamic guidance has decided to launch new efforts to detect the directors of the Internet sites (and weblogs), active in Iran and replace it with own Islamic pro-mullah propaganda content.

Some of the participants believed that by issuing a permit for the establishment of internet sites, the government only makes it more complicated to supervise their activities and thus proposed that the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance and the Supreme National Security Council avoid officially recognizing any internet sites in Iran.

In a meeting the representatives of cultural, security and executive branches of the government discussed the issue of internet activities in connection to which a number of web writers and journalists have been recently arrested, their sites confiscated and in most cases, content have been changed to pro-mullah regime.

Iran Daily (www.iran-daily.com) is one of mentioned sites, now operates under supervision of mullahs' news broadcasting agency known as IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency).

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4th session of Iran-Philippines committee opens

IranMania News: "4th session of Iran-Philippines committee opens

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 - ©2004 IranMania.com

LONDON, Dec 7 (IranMania) - The fourth session of the Iran-Philippines Joint Commission for Economic and Commercial Cooperation kicked off its work Tuesday.

Iranian Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari chaired the Iranian delegation while Philippine Trade and Industry Secretary Cesar Purisima headed the Filipino side.

Shariatmadari and Purisima stressed the importance of establishing joint working groups in the various fields of trade and banking, energy, transportation, industry, agriculture, culture and science, according to Iran's State News Agency (IRNA).

The two sides agreed to finalize and sign an agreement to encourage and support mutual investment. The Iranian side will also sign a memorandum of understanding with the Philippines` office for expansion of trade and export to exchange information, assess the two countries` markets, hold international exhibitions and economic conferences as well as establish joint working groups.

Iran and the Philippines are determined to explore avenues for resolving current trade problems between the two sides.

The Filipino side called for an increase in the volume of exports of agricultural products including mangoes and pineapples. Iranian Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari arrived in the Philippine capital Manila on Tuesday to attend the 4th session of the Iran-Philippines Joint Commission. He will depart Manila for Singapore on Thursday."