Monday, September 27, 2004

World Bank To Grant Iran 60 Million Dollars In Loan For Road Safety

World Bank To Grant Iran 60 Million Dollars In Loan For Road Safety: "World Bank To Grant Iran 60 Million Dollars In Loan For Road Safety
Tehran, Sept 27, IRNA -- The World Bank is to grant a 60-million- dollar loan to Iran to start a project to reduce road accidents in the country.
According to the daily 'Tehran Times', the project will be carried out by the World Bank's supervision aiming to remove risky points on roads in an attempt to minimize numerous accidents taking place annually leaving hundreds of people dead and wounded.

By granting the loan, the bank intends to encourage the Iranian government to improve safety conditions in roads.

However, before the contract between the bank and Iranian officials is finalized, the target indexes for reducing road accidents in the country should be materialized, the paper said.

The World Bank aims at creating an authoritative organization to secure lives in Iranian roads by granting financial and political support.

The bank also aims to create an efficient and coherent system of management of national and municipal roads, noting that a move to impeach the current roads and transportation minister is underway in the Iranian parliament.

According to the daily, the high rate of road accidents in the country has been blamed on the ministry and municipalities and the move is aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the bank, which is in charge of the execution of the plan before the contract with the Iranian government is signed"

Stolen Rug Still Hidden in Iran Persian Journal

Stolen Rug Still Hidden in Iran Persian Journal Latest Iran News, news Tehran Iranian News : "

Stolen Rug Still Hidden in Iran
Sep 27, 2004, 12:57
The latest police probe into an alleged theft of a precious rug from Iran's Carpet Museum strongly indicates it is still kept inside the country, said a police commander who added law enforcement officers will make sure it is returned safe and sound.

The rug was stolen last Monday during the last working shift but police believes since there were more precious rugs and carpets in the museum, any elaborate planning for the heist has been ruled out, said Rahmatulla Rauf, commander of the Cultural Heritage Corps.

"Some of the carpets were transferred to the auditorium of the museum which lacked proper supervision devices and it is reckoned some people have stolen it during the process," he added.

The picture of the rug was sent for the Interpol to track its possible routes to foreign sales houses. "

Daily Times - Iran wants cordial ties with Turkey

Daily Times - Site Edition: "Iran wants cordial ties with Turkey

TEHRAN: Iran’s embattled President Mohammad Khatami has telephoned Turkey’s president and prime minister in a bid to ease the diplomatic fallout of his dispute with the Islamic republic’s hardliners over foreign investment, state media reported on Monday.

Khatami had been due to travel to Turkey on Tuesday, but was forced to make an embarrassing last-minute postponement after the conservative-run Iranian parliament threw into doubt two major contracts signed with Turkish companies.

Deputies gave themselves the power to veto an airport operating contract signed with a Turkish-led consortium and a deal signed with Turkcell, Turkey’s biggest mobile phone operator, to set up the first Iranian private mobile phone network. Sunday’s vote was an embarrassing blow to Khatami, but he was quoted as telling Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezar and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he was obliged to abide by the Majlis decision. “While I respect bilateral relations between our two nations, I also have high regard for the decision of the Majlis and view my acceptance of such a decision as a token to democracy,” Khatami was quoted as explaining.

“Our parliament is keen to expand bilateral ties between the our countries and what has happened is a natural disagreement,” he added, adding, “The Majlis has not annulled the deals.”

He also tried to reassure Turkey that “a resolution between the government and Majlis will be soon worked out, thus preparing the ground for my trip to Turkey and stronger relations than before”.

Turkcell was awarded the contract in a tender in February to become — under the name Iran cell — Iranan’s second mobile phone operator. The deal is conditional on the payment of a 300-million-euro licence fee.

The company would be expected to invest up to three billion dollars in the project, which would rank among the largest foreign investments in Iran since the Islamic revolution 25 years ago. The parliament bill also targets a 200-million-dollar contract with Tepe-Akfen-Vie (TAV) — an Turkish-Austrian consortium — for construction and operations at Imam Khomeini International Airport."