Sunday, August 01, 2004

Rafsanjani: Europe should support Iran's peaceful nuclear program

Rafsanjani: Europe should support Iran's peaceful nuclear program: "Rafsanjani: Europe should support Iran's peaceful nuclear program
Tehran, Aug 1, IRNA -- The proper choice for Europe is to support Iran use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes but it seems that cooperation between Tehran and Europe has become sluggish under US pressure, said Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in Tehran on Sunday.
Rafsanjani told German Ambassador to Tehran Baron Paul Von Maltzahn that big powers should know that Iran would not under any circumstances be ready to compromise on its right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran has never sought and will never seek the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

On Germany's refusal to complete Bushehr Atomic Power Plan, Rafsanjani said that would motivate young Iranian experts to come forward and undertake the job by relying on their faith and expertise.

He said that if Europe and the US attempt to stem Iran's technical and industrial progress, they would realize their mistakes in the coming years.

He went on to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for transparent cooperation with the international community for peaceful use of nuclear energy.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran faces no restriction in further expansion of ties with Germany.

The EC chief said efforts should be made to remove obstacles and promote strong points to expedite the process of cooperation.

Rafsanjani said Iran and Germany have high capacity for expansion of mutual technical and economic cooperation.

He said Tehran and Berlin have not yet been able to benefit from all their facilities for expanding cooperation.

For his part, Maltzahn said Iran is a strategically important country and is influential in the region.

He said Germany, France and Britain are determined to help Iran in its peaceful use of nuclear energy.

He added that contrary to the US, Europe considers peaceful use of nuclear energy as Iran's undisputable right.

He called for further expansion of Tehran-Berlin ties."

Iran is more than Oil and Gas - Wind Turbines In Armenia

Description of Selected News: "Iran Installs Wind Turbines In Armenia

TEHRAN (PIN) -- Managing director of Sanir Company said Iran will start installing wind turbines in Armenia as of next year.
Alireza Kadkhoda�i added that necessary studies have been carried out and suitable location has been chosen.
�Wind farms are usually built on small scale and low capacity. The Armenian wind farm would comprise four units with total capacity of 2.6 MW which can be developed to 20 MW,� he noted"

Shamkhani Says Iran Favors United, Cohesive, Independent Iraq

Description of Selected News: "Shamkhani Says Iran Favors United, Cohesive, Independent Iraq

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhami said here on Sunday that Iranians regard Iraq as a united, cohesive, independent and democratic country peacefully co-existing with neighbors.
Shamkhani told reporters that Iran has naturally had a major role in the victory of the Iraqi people.
On Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan's claims alleging that Iran is interfering in Iraq's affairs, Shamkhani said Iraqi defense minister should not be a parrot for others' literature.
He said that once formed, new Iraqi government announced that Baghdad's approach towards neighboring countries is not an aggressive approach -- something which pleased Tehran."

Biography of Mohammad Reza Aref, First Vice President

: "Biography of Mohammad Reza Aref, First Vice President

Mohammad Reza Aref was born in 1941 in Yazd. He spent hi adolescent years in Yazd and in 1959 won the first prize in the national math competition. A year later, in 1960, he entered Tehran university where he received a B. degree in electrical engineering. Throughout his student days he wa politically active and supported the movement started by late Imam Khomeini until he wa arrested by 'Savak' (the Shah's secret police) in 1963. A scholarship granted by Isfahan' technical university enabled him to start his post-graduate studies in U.S. In 1966 he received his M.S. degree in telecommunications and later in 1970 he completed the Ph.D program at Stanford university. During his stay in U.S.

He was a member of the Muslim students organization and was head of the same organization for a period of one year Before the victory of the 1979 revolution, Aref accompanied late Imam Khomeini to Paris Since the victory of the Islamic revolution, Aref has held a variety of government posts including deputy minister of telecommunications, deputy minister of culture and higher education in charge of students' affairs (1981-1982) and advisor to minister of culture and higher education. Aref was head of Tehran university from November 1984 till 1988. He was endorsed by the parliament as minister of post, telegraph and telephone (PTT) with 246 parliamentary votes out of a total 263."