Friday, July 09, 2004

Wolfowitz - Blood on his hands - Over 1000 Death Toll Climbing

US-led forces death toll passes 1000

Paul Wolfowitz wanted war at any cost. He got his wish and now the bill is coming due. 1002 dead and no end in sight. Paul "the ChickenHawk" Wolfowitz will spend your loved ones cheaply but he was never willing to fight himself. JBOC

By Firas Al-Atraqchi

Friday 09 July 2004, 23:05 Makka Time, 20:05 GMT

April 2004 was the deadliest month for occupation troops

In the 466 days since the invasion and occupation of Iraq, US-led forces have suffered 1002 fatalities.

According to the US Department of Defence (DOD), 24 occupation soldiers have died in the first nine days of July, bringing the total to 1002. Twenty-two of the military fatalities in July have been US soldiers.

Of the total figure, there have been 881 US military fatalities, 60 British, and 60 listed as other. More than 650 of the 881 US fatalities have been attributed to what the DOD lists as "enemy fire".

April 2004 was the most costly month in terms of casualties – the DOD listed 135 US fatalities, mostly due to fighting in and around Falluja.

The number of wounded also soared for that month, reaching 1157, eight times higher than the monthly average since the March 2003 invasion.

The total number of wounded as of 26 June is 5394, with May and June registering higher-than-average figures: 742 and 444, respectively. However, the DOD does not report the number of non-combat related wounded.


Terrorism & Security | "World Court declares Israeli barrier illegal

Issue of wall now moves to UN Security Council.

by Jim Bencivenga |

The UN's highest judicial authority, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled today that the barrier Israel is building in the West Bank in response to Palestinian suicide bombings is illegal, that it has to be pulled down and that Palestinians be compensated for any damages incurred since its construction. "

Reuters AlertNet - Seven Afghans killed in clash near Iran border

Reuters AlertNet - Seven Afghans killed in clash near Iran border: "Seven Afghans killed in clash near Iran border
09 Jul 2004 14:32:07 GMT

(Adds four wounded in separate clash)
HERAT, Afghanistan, July 9 (Reuters) - Three Afghan government soldiers and four rival fighters were killed in a clash on Friday in a remote western border area, the latest violence to hit what had been a relatively stable region.
Separately, at least four Afghan soldiers were wounded and one was missing after an attack on a highway post in the south that was claimed by members of Afghanistan's ousted Taliban.
Hundreds of people have been killed in militant attacks this year despite the presence in Afghanistan of 20,000 U.S.-led troops and 6,500 NATO-led peacekeepers, raising concern about security for elections expected later this year.
Taliban rebels and their militant allies have vowed to disrupt the vote.
In the west, Bashir Baghlani, the governor of the province of Farah, blamed Taliban guerrillas for the attack on the Borjak border post with Iran."