Thursday, July 01, 2004

The most disgusting habit, however, belongs to the little Wolfowitz

The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 5 Num 35: " The most disgusting habit, however, belongs to the little Wolfowitz, the deputy Secretary of Defense. He is shown to wet his comb in his own saliva in his mouth before applying the comb to his hair. Not satisfied, he takes out more saliva from his mouth with his own hand and applies it liberally to his hair! This disgusting neoconservative Zionist is the intellectual brain behind the Bush doctrine of attacking Iraq first, Syria and Iran next in that order to make the Middle East safe for Israeli tyranny."

ZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER Paul Wolfowitz, would tolerate an independent Kurdistan.

ZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER (200407019994): "Today as I note Seymour Hershs account of what he calls Israels Plan B for postwar Iraq (The New Yorker, June 21), I wonder if my Arab friend is seer or someones mole in the neocon-Israeli camp (He denies hes either!). Israeli intelligence and military operatives, writes Hersh, are now quietly at work in Kurdistan, providing training for Kurdish commando units. The Israelis and their American supporters realize regime change isnt going to produce a pro-Israeli or pro-American government in Baghdad. Instead, Iraq could come under the influence of Iran, which is also suspected of developing nuclear weapons.
Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Hersh continues, would tolerate an independent Kurdistan. "

Iran: Economic Growth on Track

Iran: Economic Growth on Track: "Iran: Economic Growth on Track
Jafar Islami, Deputy Minister of Industry and Mines said on June 29, 2004 that so far, over US$ four billion from the Foreign Exchange Reserve Fund has been injected to the economy, Pars Investment reported.
'The economy has the potential to be infused by the same amount of funds in the current Iranian year (started March 20, 2004),' he said adding that if the same amount is invested in the economy it would be equivalent to the total foreign exchange investments in the economy in the last three years. He noted that the trend of the fourth five-year development plan (March 2005-2010) should be continued in order for the amount of capital to be absorbed into the economy. The industrial growth averages about 10 percent annually he stated adding 'if this rate of growth continues over the next two decades Iran will achieve a south-Korean-like standing in industry.' He said that the 20-year strategic plan is delineated such that Iran will rank among the first industrial economies in the region. The growth rate is a product of the positive environment that has been induced by recent support policies implemented in the sector, the official added.
Alireza Sepahvand, Deputy Minister of Industry and Mines for Administration and Financial Affairs said that the sector?s share in the GDP stood at 17.5 percent last year 'which is four percent higher compared to the figure for the year before.' He noted that the sector generated an added value of Rls 66,148 billion (US$ 7.69 billion) in the economy last year which was 11 percent higher than the year before. Mining value-added reached an impressive 15.4 percent in the same period, he added. "

Rafsanjani - Saddam must answer for chemical attacks on Iran

: "Rafsanjani: Saddam must answer for chemical attacks on Iran

TEHRAN, June 30 (AFP) - Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani called on the Islamic republic Wednesday to press charges against ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein over his use of chemical weapons during the two neighbours' eight-year war.

Rafsanjani said filing such charges would serve to expose the Western support for the ousted Iraqi dictator, now in the legal custody of Iraq's interim government.

'We must press charges in Saddam's trial over the use of chemical weapons against people of our country,' Rafsanjani, still one of Iran's most powerful figures, was quoted as saying by the student news agency ISNA.

'We faced severe chemical attacks at the beginning of the war when world powers were giving Saddam the green light to do anything to prevent Iran from winning,' Rafsanjani said.

'We were confronted with merciless, cunning and deceitful enemies who today claim to defend human rights.'

In April, Iran said it was preparing a formal complaint against Saddam for the alleged torture of Iranian prisoners captured during their 1980-1988 war.

The Islamic republic also wants its old arch enemy to answer for his use of chemical weapons against Iranian forces.

According to official figure, Iran has 45,000 registered war veterans with chemical injuries who cost the regime around 20 million dollars a year to support.

However, the status is of the Iranian complaint remains unclear."

The Australian: Three Iraqi Kurds hanged in Iran [July 01, 2004]

The Australian: Three Iraqi Kurds hanged in Iran [July 01, 2004]:

With the reports that Israel is waging a secret war against Iran using Kurds as Surrogates I think we will see many more Kurds executed for "disrupting Iran's national security up to the level of Mohareb". If Israel were sending in Kurds would that not be Mohareb? JBOC

"Three Iraqi Kurds hanged in Iran
From correspondents in Tehran
July 01, 2004
THREE Iraqi Kurds convicted over a spate of armed robberies, extortion and rape have been hanged publicly in the northern Iranian city of Qazvin, Qods newspaper reported today.

It said the trio, identified only by their first names of Farhad, Salar, and Nejah, were convicted for 'disrupting Iran's national security up to the level of Mohareb' ? the Islamic term for war against God.
They were hanged yesterday the paper said, but gave no further details.
Murder, armed robbery, rape, apostasy (abandonment of religious faith) and serious drug trafficking are all punishable by death in Iran. "