Monday, June 14, 2004

Duma Official Calls Iran Major Partner of Russia

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"Duma Official Calls Iran Major Partner of Russia

MOSCOW (IRNA) -- Iran is a strategic and major partner of Russia in the Islamic world, Russian MP Yuri Savilov told IRNA in Moscow on Saturday.
Asked to comment on the United States' disapproval of Russia's nuclear cooperation with Iran, Savilov, who is also the deputy chairman of the Industries and Technological Sciences Commission of the Duma, said he was proud of the Russian president for adopting an independent foreign policy based on national interests.
Moscow disapproves of the U.S. policy of pressuring and attempting to dictate to Russia, he added."

Vice President Hossenin Marashi talked of a bright future with Viet Nam

: "Ha Noi, June 14 (VNA)- Iranian Vice President Hossenin Marashi on Monday talked of a bright future in his country's cooperation in tourism with Viet Nam, given the ASEAN nation's numerous beauty spots and sites of historic interests.

Marashi, who doubles as Chairman of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation of Iran, made the suggestion at his meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart, Truong My Hoa, on the sidelines of the ministerial conference on cultural tourism and poverty alleviation in Hue city on June 11-12.

Both host and guest spoke highly of the two countries' traditional relations and the need to boost their bilateral cooperation in economy and culture, especially tourism."

Iran-Turkey trade exchanges to double in 2004

Iran-Turkey trade exchanges to double in 2004: "Iran-Turkey trade exchanges to double in 2004
Tehran, June 14, IRNA -- Iran-Turkey trade exchanges will double by the end of 2004, said visiting Turkish Minister of Public Works and Housing Zeki Ergezen here Sunday.
Speaking to IRNA, Ergezen who arrived here on Friday said that the volume of Tehran-Ankara trade exchanges will reach five billion dollars by the end of the current year.
The Iran-Turkey trade balance is in favor of Iran due to the purchase of Iranian natural gas by Ankara, said the Turkish minister.
In the past several years, he further noted, Ankara's imports from Iran doubled while its exports to the country only showed a 60 percent increase. "

Torture Incorporated: Oliver North Joins the Party : Indymedia Colombia

Torture Incorporated: Oliver North Joins the Party : Indymedia Colombia: "On January 12, 2004, United Placements ran an advertisement for Army Interrogators.
�Job State: IRAQ, Job Number: 8. Interrogators: 30 Positions. Compensation to $120,000. Individuals must be trained Interrogators with at least five years of experience in interrogation. Individuals must be knowledgeable of Army/Joint interrogation procedures, data processing systems such as CHIMs and SIPRNET search engines. Knowledge of the Arabic language and culture a plus�Candidates must have documented in their resumes five years of Humint collection and/or interrogation experience. This is a requirement of the client. Some locations require individuals to work and live in a field environment with minimum medical facilities. Must possess the ability to work extended work hours in difficult surroundings for up to one year.�

United Placements� lists none other than Oliver North--a member of Ronald Reagan�s NSC and focal point of the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980�s�as one of its two �Industry Associates.� North is currently the host of Fox News Channel�s �War Stories.� United Placement�s second �Industry Associate� is run by former intelligence analyst Bill Goldman. "

Iran able to defend its territory against Qatari Piracy

Persian Journal Iran News : "Iran able to defend its territory
Jun 14, 2004, 22:38

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Iran strongly filed protest to Qatar after the tiny sheikhdom's naval guards attacked Iranian fishermen in the Persian Gulf, killing one and injuring several others.

Foreign Ministry summoned Qatar's Ambassador to Tehran, Saleh al-quwari, to convey Tehran's 'strong protest' to the attack Friday morning.

Deputy Interior Minister for security affairs, Ali Asghar Ahmadi described the attack as 'unacceptable, improper and outside international norms'.

'The Islamic Republic is determined to defend the rights of its citizens and the related officials are carefully investigating the cause of this incident,' he gave lip service.

Iran, Ahmadi said, is able to defend the country's territorial integrity and its citizens' rights under any condition."

More Letters LA Times - Neoconservatives Fumble Foreign Policy

Neoconservatives Fumble Foreign Policy: "The article failed to mention an important aspect of the neocons' philosophy that distinguishes them for other conservatives, namely their strong support for Israel. While the neocons proclaim that they want to spread democracy in the Middle East, their true passion is to make Israel the dominant power in the area. Their alliance with the Likud Party in Israel has contributed to the slow death of the 'road map' for peace in the Middle East, thus precluding any peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Zac Sidawi"

LA Times - Neoconservatives Fumble Foreign Policy

Neoconservatives Fumble Foreign Policy: "Your article on neocons was a sad reminder of why we are mired in Iraq. It is interesting to note that the neocons are now finger-pointing (notably blaming the Pentagon!) to assess blame. If they had factored nationalism into their original arguments they would have realized that a war in Iraq would be no cakewalk.

The blame for this war should fall on their shoulders and the president's.

Times of Oman Iran and Oman in Talks

Times of Oman: "MUSCAT Dr Mohammed Redha Aarif, first vice-president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, arrived in the Sultanate yesterday on a three-day official visit, during which he will meet His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud Al Said, deputy prime minister for the Council of Ministers, led the welcoming party for the guest and his delegation upon their arrival at the Royal Airport. "

OIC Supports Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Activities

Description of Selected News: "OIC Supports Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Activities: Belkeziz

ISTANBUL (IRNA) -- Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Abdelouahed Belkeziz said here on Monday that the OIC supports Iran's peaceful nuclear activities.
Belkeziz told the 31st conference of OIC foreign ministers that Iran has met the demands of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Agency reports indicate the reality that the activities have been peaceful.
He said that the OIC is siding with Iran in that respect."