Thursday, June 10, 2004 - Student Briefing Page - Student Briefing Page: "More history about Iran

June 9, 2004
Once known largely to Westerners as the home of handmade carpets, caviar, pistachios and oil, Iran entertained a large tourist industry and sophisticated diplomatic community prior to the Islamic revolution.

Iranian students stormed the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979 as a way of opposing what they felt was undue American influence on Iranian domestic policy and took American hostages. Iran then became synonymous to many Americans with terrorism and extremism. The hostages were released from their 444-day ordeal on Jan. 20, 1981."

Daily Times - Rafsanjani for President?

Daily Times - Site Edition: "Rafsanjani leaves options open ahead of Irans 2005 polls
TEHRAN: Irans powerful former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani appeared less categorical on Wednesday in his refusal to consider standing again during elections in 2005, a newspaper reported.

If this is in the interest of the country, if the nation demands it and if my presence is deemed essential, it is possible that I will be a candidate, he was quoted as saying by the moderate Ebtekar newspaper. But we will have to see how things evolve, said Rafsanjani, who served two terms as president from 1989 to 1997. The charismatic cleric, head of Irans top political arbitration body and one of the most powerful politicians in the conservative-dominated regime, last month said he was firm in his decision not to stand again as president in June next year. afp"

OVL may take stake in Iran oil fields -

OVL may take stake in Iran oil fields - "OVL may take stake in Iran oil fields

Flagship overseas firm ONGC Videsh Ltd is likely to get a 20 per cent stake in Khusk and Hosseineieh oil fields in Iran on nomination basis.

Sources in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas said Iran has offered 20 per cent share (equal to 60,000 barrels per day or 3 million tonnes of crude oil annually) in Khusk and Hosseineieh fields in exchange for India buying 5 million tonnes of LNG from Tehran.
OVL would be accommodated after Tehran selects operators of the two fields through a bidding round by September-end. OVL would have to participate in the bidding process.
Initially, Iran was keen on getting OVL on board the giant South Azadegan oil field but operator Japan has yet to approve any participation of another party in the field. "