Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Persian Journal Iran News - Three Islands Belong to Iran Historically

Persian Journal Iran News - Latest Iran News, news Tehran Iranian News persian news web site sport iran news iranians site farsi women sport woman, newspaper football: "Three Islands Belong to Iran Historically
Jun 8, 2004, 21:13
Iranian lawmaker Elham Aminzadeh said here on Monday that historical evidence leaves no doubt that the three islands of Abu Moussa as well as the Greater and Lesser Tunbs belong to Iran, IRNA reported.

The foreign ministers of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council at the end of their 91st session in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Saturday supported the UAE claim of ownership to three Iranian islands, alleging that Iran had occupied the islands. Aminzadeh told IRNA that the hue and cry over the issue is completely politically motivated and claims are raised every now and then in tune with changes in regional conditions.

She said the case has been raised by the UAE due to external and political reasons and the enemies take advantage of the issues when feeling themselves in trouble. She said there is no legal and judicial doubt over Iran's possession of the three islands. "

Powell Up and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz Droping like a rock

Omaha.com: "Rumsfeld, his deputy Paul Wolfowitz and the Pentagon's top official for policy, Douglas Feith, have been under fire for the prisoner-abuse scandal.
In addition, those in the Pentagon and Cheney's office who once backed former Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi are having to deal with accusations that he leaked sensitive information to Iran.
State Department officials charitably say that Powell's higher profile simply reflects a natural shift in Iraq from bullets to diplomacy. And some conservative analysts agree.
Powell "is the point man," agreed Lawrence Korb, a fellow at the Center for American Progress, a liberal-leaning Washington think tank and a former assistant secretary of defense under President Reagan.

Powell's rise, Korb and other analysts say, stems from a fall from favor of the administration's neoconservatives after setbacks in Iraq. "

Kansas City Star | 06/08/2004 | Free coffee and pastries at Smith & Burstert Oriental Rugs

Kansas City Star | 06/08/2004 | Noteis' focus improved planning efforts in KC: "Shop the Crossroads
In another urban-related matter, several businesses in the Crossroads area will be participating in a special shopping event this Saturday sponsored by Kansas City Home Design Magazine. Free coffee and pastries will be served from 10 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of Smith & Burstert Oriental Rugs, 122 Southwest Blvd."

17% of Worlds Palm Groves In Iran

Mehr News Agency English: "17% of Worlds Palm Groves In Iran
TEHRAN June 8 (MNA) - Of the overall 1.18 million dates produced within the country, 180,000 tons is consumed domestically and the remainder is exported.
Iran enjoying 183,000 hectares of land area under palm cultivation, accounts for 16.6 percent of the total palm groves worldwide said Hossein Pezhman an official with the Institute for Research on Tropical Fruits in an interview with Mehr News Agency.

As one of the two major date producers in the world Pezhman went on to say that date exports have decreased in first two months of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2004- March 19, 2005) since the demand for dates has decreased globally."

Iran to Launch Oil Exchange

Iran to Launch Oil Exchange : "

Iran to Launch Oil Exchange

TEHRAN (AFP) -- Iran is planning to open an oil exchange in a year and will contract an international consortium to set up the body, a senior oil ministry official overseeing the plan said Tuesday.
'In addition to oil, other energy products such as oils and petrochemicals will be sold,' Mohammad Javad Asemi-Pur told AFP. 'Like elsewhere, the sales we be made by traders and the ministry will sell oil through them,' he added."

Kazakh University Dean Praises Mar’ashi

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"TEHRAN (MNA) -- Dean of Philosophy at Kazakhstan University Arif Allah Bayev praised Ayatollah Mar?ashi Najafi, the renowned Islamic philosopher, scholar, and researcher. Visiting Ayatollah Mar?ashi?s library in Qom for the second time, Bayev said, ?I was really overawed by the great works of Ayatollah Mar?ashi. He is an example to all other researchers in the world.?
Professor Bayev said that the invaluable Ayatollah Mar?ashi complex could be seen as a bridge between Iran and Kazakhstan toward boosting their cultural ties.
Aynesh Sulat Besh-Qiz, a philosophy professor at the Eurasia University, Astana, Kazakhstan, also, honored Ayatollah Mar?ashi and praised Iran for its efforts that focused on its history and culture."