Monday, June 07, 2004

The 9-11 commission reports single out Wolfowitz

The Dog Days of the War Party - by Pat Buchanan:

"the 9-11 commission reports. It seems certain to single out Wolfowitz and administration neoconservatives along the line of argument of Richard Clarke's Against All Enemies for an obsession with Iraq that blinded the White House to the real and present danger of bin Laden and al-Qaeda.
Beyond this, the national press, cable TV and the Internet are still flush with stories of how, in a secret Pentagon intel shop, neocons 'cherry-picked' the prewar intelligence and 'stove-piped' it up to Cheney's office, where it was inserted into the addresses of President Bush. "

Iran in Desirable Position to Export Oil

Mehr News Agency English:

"Iran in Desirable Position to Export Oil
TEHRAN June 7 (MNA) -? With an excellent geographical location as well as secure and stable ports, Iran has first-class terminals for the export of oil.
General Director of Oil Derivatives Export Terminals Company, Qodrat Heidari told the Mehr News Agency that compared with the five other littoral states of the Caspian Sea, the country has the best facilities for exporting oil because unlike Iran, these five countries do not have direct access to open sea ports."

President Reagan has died

President Reagan has died
I liked President Reagan and I was honored to work
with him in a small way. While he was President the US
Congress forbade the use of tax dollars for the
Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua. Not to be stopped by a
mere law Reagan set out to aid the Freedom Fighters
while complying with the letter of the Boland
Amendment. One of the ways he did so was the CFA. Lou
Lehrman former Chairman of RiteAid was the Chairman
and Mark Holtzman was the executive director. As soon
as they started I called Mark Holtzman and got in on
the fun. I was named one of the many co-chairs. With
boyish enthusiasm we set off to battle the forces of
Evil. It was a simple effort and we never got near the
sound of gunfire. Finally I helped come up with a plan
that destabilized Nicaragua and forced the Communists
to call for free elections.

One thing that impressed me was that Reagan was a true
believer. He saw himself as holding the ramparts
against the anti-Christ. Maybe one reason he was not
effective with Terrorism was that he was focused on
Communism as the Face of Satan. He set out to break
the Russians and he did. What we discussed in the
early part of his Presidency came to pass. It was good
times and Reagan was a good man. Not perfect and we
made more than a few errors but Reagan worried more
about what was right rather than what was expedient. I
wish I could tell you we were friends but I was a very
minor player in a big game. Still whenever I would see
him he made me feel like we were close friends and I
always pretended not to see the aid whisper my name in
his ear as was about to greet me. I miss him.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

Iran signs deal for Zinc Ore Plant

Gulf Daily News: "Iran signs deal

TEHRAN: Iran signed a $202.6 million contract yesterday to build the country's largest zinc ore plant, hoping to increase production capacity of the metal by 75 per cent in four years. The new plant will be built near Anguran zinc and lead mines in the northwest province of Zanjan and is forecast to produce 100,000 tonnes of zinc ore per year. Iranian contractors will form a consortium with Switzerland's ABB, Finland's Outokumpu and Spain's TAIM-TFG.
The country's current largest zinc plant, Bafq zinc smelter in central Iran, has a capacity of 30,000 tonnes of ore per year. Another smelter on the Gulf island of Qeshm produces 20,000 tonnes per annum."