Thursday, June 03, 2004

Iran, China to strengthen relations

Persian Journal Iran News - Latest Iran News, news Tehran Iranian News persian news web site sport iran news iranians site farsi women sport woman, newspaper football: "Iran, China to strengthen relations
Jun 3, 2004, 23:22

Head of Iran's Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Mahmoud Mohammadi Araqi, heading a delegation, arrived here Thursday on an official visit.

Upon arrival at the city's airport, Araqi said that expansion of Tehran-Beijing cultural relations and exchange of views with several Chinese cultural and religious officials are among objectives behind his visit to China."

WorkingForChange-It's Miller time on West 43rd Street

WorkingForChange-It's Miller time on West 43rd Street:

"By failing to exercise adequate control over Ms. Miller's urge to propagandize, those editors allowed The Times to become an instrument for her neo-conservative patrons in and out of government.

As Americans reflected on the lives lost in Iraq over the Memorial Day weekend, they also had the opportunity to learn more about Judith Miller, a reporter for The New York Times whose front-page articles about Saddam Hussein's forbidden weapons were so influential in driving America to war. With an outpouring of bilious anecdotes from angry, embarrassed sources in The Times' newsrooms and bureaus, Franklin Foer dissects Ms. Miller and her career in New York magazine. Home UK FBI may whitewash Wolfowitz Home UK: "If the former banker and exiled opposition leader is found to have given Iran such sensitive information, important figures in the administration who had backed Mr Chalabi as a future leader of Iraq could be tarnished by association. For this reason, critics of the Bush administration are not confident that the CIA or the FBI will be either swift or thorough in their investigations.
Mr Chalabi has had a long association with 'hawks' in Washington - notably Paul Wolfowitz, deputy defence secretary, and Douglas Feith, defence under-secretary and Mr Wolfowitz's deputy. But Mr Chalabi lost credibility with the CIA and the State Department during the Clinton administration, even as Congress passed the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998, giving funding to Mr Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress."

Hunt in Pentagon in Iran leak - Wolfowitz and Feith may be targets of probe

Hunt in Pentagon in Iran leak: "WASHINGTON -- Federal investigators have begun administering polygraph examinations to civilian employees at the Pentagon in an effort to determine who may have disclosed highly classified intelligence to Ahmad Chalabi, the controversial Iraqi who authorities suspect turned the information over to Iran, government officials said yesterday.
The polygraph examinations, which are being conducted by the FBI, are focused initially on a small number of Pentagon employees who had access to the information that was compromised. "

Reuters AlertNet - Iran: Reconstruction Aid of Malteser Germany

Reuters AlertNet - Iran: Reconstruction Aid of Malteser Germany: "About five months after the devastating earthquake in Iran, Malteser Germany?s project manager Carsten Stork draws a positive balance of the reconstruction measures realized up to now: ?Until now we have provided 20 school containers which enable more than 400 children in this area to attend school again. Since the temperatures now reach 40 degrees Celsius and more, we have also installed cooling units in the containers. Moreover, we have distributed balls and skipping robes to the pupils so that they can play in their leisure and forget their traumatic experiences.? "

The Globe and Mail - Iran challenges U.S. over nucler-bomb charge

The Globe and Mail: "Tehran -- Iran challenged the United States yesterday to produce hard evidence that it is trying to build a nuclear bomb, but Washington said there is proof enough in a new United Nations report."

"If the Americans have any claims or information they should hand it over to the agency, but it's clear they have nothing," said Hassan Rohani, secretary-general of Iran's Supreme National Security Council. Reuters