Friday, May 28, 2004

Iran quake 6.2, Over 20 dead.

STUFF : WORLD NEWS - STORY : New Zealand's leading news and information website: "QAZVIN: A powerful earthquake struck the Alborz mountain chain in northern Iran, killing at least 20 people and damaging scores of villages, officials said.

The quake, which the US Geological Survey said measured 6.2 on the Richter scale, also shook the capital Tehran yesterday, sending some startled residents running into the streets. Some windows were broken.
Details on casualties and damage were thin, but officials in the quake-prone Islamic Republic played down fears of a heavy death toll in the lush region on the Caspian Sea coast that is famed for its exports of caviar. "

Yemeni Prime Minister Closer ties with Iran

Description of Selected News: "Yemeni Prime Minister Abd al-Qadir Bajammal Thursday in San'a called for further consultation between senior Iranian and Yemeni officials.
In a meeting with special envoy of Iran's President Mohammad Khatami, Mohammad Sadr, he expressed the hope that he would visit Tehran in the near future.
Commenting on critical situation in the war-torn Iraq, the Yemeni premier urged all regional states to help settle the Iraqi crisis.
Expansion of Tehran-San'a cooperation in different political, economic and cultural areas was stressed by the two officials."

Kazakhstan to construct a pipeline through Iran

Description of Selected News: "ALMATY (FT)-- Kazakhstan would like to construct a pipeline through Iran to the Persian Gulf as the main outlet for its natural resources, the country's president said.
Nursultan Nazarbayev said in an interview with the Financial Times he thought a southern route for his oil reserves was 'the most attractive' both for his country and for U.S. companies that operated there. He said the current political relationship between the U.S. and Iran made such a project impossible, but he was hopeful ties would improve. 'It would be better than Baku-Ceyhan, better than China, better than Russia,' he said, referring to the country's existing infrastructure links. 'It would be the best exit for us.'"

Yahoo! News - Was Dr. Alazmirli Murdered by US Military in Prison

Yahoo! News - Suspicion Surrounds Death of Iraqi Scientist in U.S. Custody:

Murdering old men in prisons is not what America is about. This needs to be investigated. JBOC

"BAGHDAD ? The death certificate issued by the U.S. military indicated that a prominent Iraqi government scientist in American custody for nine months had died of natural causes.

Doubtful, his family ordered an independent autopsy, which concluded that blunt-force injury caused the 65-year-old man's death.
And Mohammed Abdelmonaem Mahmoud Hamdi Alazmirli's body bore suspicious marks: He had a bruise on his nose, an abrasion on his cheek, a cut near his eye and a fractured skull. The Pentagon has named 23 of 37 detainees who died while in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan. Alazmirli was not among those named, and the military declined to say whether he was among the other 14. "

Memories of the Holocaust

Opinion: Editorial: Israel's dark turn (

"After seeing a photograph of an elderly Palestinian woman sitting atop the rubble of a home destroyed by the Israeli military, Israeli Justice Minister Yosef Lapid said he was reminded of his grandmother's suffering during the Holocaust. "

Recently I wrote elsewhere:
“Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, "Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you.
I suppose if we gaze into the abyss we might see Nietzsche gazing back. Man separate from God does not need to fear becoming a monster. He already is one. Without God man has no way to measure his own depravity. Good is only good in relation to God.”

Looking at Israel I think increasing the violence will only lead to increased sorrow. The only lasting solution is for them to turn to God.


LAIPSON: US MUST SEE PROMISE AND POTENTIAL OF IRAN: "The US has had trouble getting its own stakes in Iran in focus Laipson argued. �We have tended to see Iran only as a set of national security problems,� she said.

Similarly Iran has had a parallel problem in creating policy toward the US. Laipson believed it is hard to get the Iranians, who supported the Islamic Revolution and the belief that the US somehow did Iran harm, to turn 180 degrees.

The think tank leader went on to argue that although US foreign policy decision makers do not focus on Iran as much as their Iranian counterparts focus on the US, the two nations do have a symmetry of grievances. �Both parties believe the other guy has to go first,� she said, �but when one party has been ready, the other hasn�t.�"

Obsessed With Iran (

Obsessed With Iran ( "Bush policymakers and spies have made fear of Iran a driving -- and highly distorting -- force in the continuing war in Iraq. They now resemble the LBJ-era Cold Warriors who were so intent on defeating China and the Soviet Union in Vietnam that they lost sight of the stakes and dynamics of the real war they were fighting.
In Iraq today the CIA is building an Iraqi spy agency from the ruins of Saddam Hussein's Mukhabarat -- the secret police unit that was at war with Iran and Syria for two decades. Like ex-Nazis recruited to fight the Soviet peril, these Iraqis come with useful skills and experience in trying to destabilize Tehran. Some of them were on the job during the Iran-Iraq war, when the Reagan administration (in which Shultz served) shared U.S. intelligence with Hussein's regime to prevent the revolutionary ayatollahs of Iran from taking Baghdad. Old intelligence connections die hard. "