Sunday, May 23, 2004

Iran tells EU to keep out of Iranian islands' dispute

Iran tells EU to keep out of Iranian islands' dispute:

"Tehran, May 23, IRNA -- Iran said Sunday it had told the European Union (EU) to stay out of a 'misunderstanding' between the country and the UAE over the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf.
The reaction came from Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi during a weekly news briefing here following a joint council and ministerial meeting held between the EU and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) in Brussels on Monday.
'Like in the past, we notified the European side that this issue has nothing to do with them and the misunderstanding between Iran and the UAE is resolvable through dialogue,' he said. "

Small Business Profile

Small Business Profile: "Caspian Rug Co.

LOCATION: 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross. A second location will open soon in Alpharetta.
PHONE: 770-448-0034
SIZE: 15,000-square-foot showroom.
What They Do: Imported, hand-knotted oriental rugs priced from $500 to $50,000. Caspian offers a selection of new rugs and some antiques as old as 100 years.
MAJOR PLAYERS: Brothers Masoud and Behrouz Pirouz
FOUNDED: 1987. The Pirouz brothers are natives of Iran, a country whose craftsmen have been known as masters of rug-making for centuries. However, the original idea behind Caspian Rug Co. did not grow from the owners� admiration of rugs as an art form.
�Behrouz has an MBA and we wanted to do something together,� said Masoud. �We are Persian, so it made sense to import Persian rugs. Part of our success is because we made this a business and treated it as a business, rather than being led by the emotional love of the rug. But after a while, you get to like them.�
The brothers put their money together and opened Caspian Rug Company, named for the Caspian Sea whose shores border Iran.
�The richest sea in the world,� said Masoud.
For more than a year Masoud continued to work full-time as a mechanical design engineer putting the rest of his waking hours into Caspian Rug Co.
�It took all my time. I was working 90 hours per week,� he said. �I decided I had to choose which job I was going to do and I really had no choice. I could either work for others or run my business and protect the money I had invested.�
After a few months operating from a store front in Buckhead, Caspian Rug Co. appeared to have found its market in Norcross. Located inside a mall on busy Jimmy Carter Boulevard just off I-85"

Who did Chalabi work for, Iran or Israel?

Iran may have used Chalabi to oust regime in Baghdad:

We are now to believe that Iran planned the US invasion of Iraq and used Ahmad Chalabi to set it up. Rubbish, it does not serve Iran's long term goals to have the US in Iraq. However it does serve Israel's long term goals. If we look at Chalabi he has always tracked far closer to Israel then Iran. If we examine his ties to James Woolsey, Bernard Lewis, Paul Wolfowitz, David Frum, Richard Perle, and so many other assorted Zionists and Likudniks spying for Iran seems far fetched. If Chalabi is an Iranian spy what about CIA Director Woolsey, they have worked hand in glove for years. The idea that former CIA Director Woolsey is part of an Iranian spy plot is beyond belief. If Chalabi is a spy it is not for Iran. JBOC

"U.S. investigators now are seeking to determine whether the effort -- which one U.S. official likened to trying to 'game the system' -- was secretly supported by Iran's intelligence service to help persuade the Bush administration to oust the Baghdad regime, Tehran's longtime enemy.
Officials said other evidence indicates that Chalabi's longtime intelligence chief furnished Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security highly classified information on U.S. troop movements, top-secret communications and other closely guarded material on U.S. operations in Iraq.
The U.S. investigation into the suspected spy operation was a key reason behind the raid Thursday on Chalabi's Baghdad home and the offices of his Iraqi National Congress. Several INC members also were accused of kidnapping, robbery and corruption."