Thursday, May 13, 2004

Aljazeera.Net - Berg Execution Video may be FAKE!

Aljazeera.Net - Bloggers doubt Berg execution video:

Now the question is where is Berg and who is behind this hoax, if it is one. JBOC

"Revolting millions around the world, the video footage of an American citizen's execution has also raised numerous questions concerning its authenticity."

Richard Perle Supports Terrorism- by Justin Raimondo

Richard Perle Supports Terrorism- by Justin Raimondo:

"Richard Perle Supports Terrorism
He spoke at a terrorist fundraiser
by Justin Raimondo
He is the author of a book that criticizes the U.S. government for being too soft on terrorism. He was an advocate of invading Iraq ? and most of the other Arab countries in the Middle East ? long before 9/11. He wants us to give up a lot of our civil liberties, including submitting to a national ID card, and he's taken to the hustings promoting an approach to the 'war on terrorism' that's more royalist than the king."

Iran complies fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency

: "Iran was poised to hand over a detailed report to the International Atomic Energy Agency Thursday, answering the UN watchdog's outstanding concerns about its nuclear programme, the government daily Iran reported.

'During the last visit by (IAEA director general) Mohammad ElBaradei (in early April), it was agreed that Iran would present a series of declarations to the IAEA, focussing in particular on the contamination of nuclear equipment and the P2 centrifuges,' the paper said, citing a 'well informed source'.

'This well informed source added that by handing over these declarations today, Iran believed it would have cleared up all misunderstandings with Mr ElBaradei,' the paper added."