Wednesday, May 05, 2004

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International News Article | "BATUMI, Georgia (Reuters) - Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili arrived in Adzhara early Thursday and thanked welcoming crowds for forcing the region's rebel leader from power.
From the former residence of Aslan Abashidze, who fled Adzhara Wednesday after running it as a personal fiefdom for more than a decade, Saakashvili praised those whose defiant mass protests had helped bring down Abashidze. "

American objects to the ass in

Iran irate over US censorship: "Because the US filter only looks at the domain names, hundreds of websites featuring banned words have been blocked. That could be fine, but the censoring of 'ass' means Iranians can't get on sites such as and Hmm. Other filtered words include 'bush', 'old', 'pic', 'soft', 'hot' and 'tv'. Wouldn't want those pesky Iranians checking weather reports! "

BBC NEWS | Americas | US diplomats' letter to Bush

BBC NEWS | Americas | US diplomats' letter to Bush: "US diplomats' letter to Bush
The full text of a letter from some 50 retired US diplomats urging President Bush to reverse his Middle East policy.
Dear Mr President:
We former US diplomats applaud our 52 British colleagues who recently sent a letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair criticising his Middle East policy and calling on Britain to exert more influence over the United States.
As retired foreign service officers we care deeply about our nation's foreign policy and US credibility in the world.
We also are deeply concerned by your April 14 endorsement of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's unilateral plan to reject the rights of three million Palestinians, to deny the right of refugees to return to their homeland, and to retain five large illegal settlement blocs in the occupied West Bank.
This plan defies UN Security Council resolutions calling for Israel's return of occupied territories.
You have placed US diplomats, civilians and military doing their jobs overseas in an untenable and even dangerous position

It ignores international laws declaring Israeli settlements illegal.
It flouts UN Resolution 194, passed in 1948, which affir

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Those Friendly Iranians

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Those Friendly Iranians: "Those Friendly Iranians
Published: May 5, 2004

Finally, I've found a pro-American country.
Everywhere I've gone in Iran, with one exception, people have been exceptionally friendly and fulsome in their praise for the United States, and often for President Bush as well. Even when I was detained a couple of days ago in the city of Isfahan for asking a group of young people whether they thought the Islamic revolution had been a mistake (they did), the police were courteous and let me go after an apology.
They apologized; I didn't."