Tuesday, May 04, 2004

BBC NEWS | Business | Iran's growth plan aims for jobs

BBC NEWS | Business | Iran's growth plan aims for jobs: "Iran's growth plan aims for jobs

Foreign investment could benefit Iran's under-developed private sector and those out of work
Ambitious plans have been approved by Iran's parliament which aims to create 800,000 jobs a year."

US Backed Terrorist Group Claims Secret Iranian A-Bomb Project

Yahoo! News - Iran Denies Troops Running Secret A-Bomb Project: "

Peace keeping troops are not running a secret nuclear weapons program, Iran said Sunday, rejecting the latest accusations from a prominent exiled Terrorist group. "

Sanity from Iran - Let Iraqi Clerics Handle Sadr

Yahoo! News - Iran Says U.S. Should Let Iraqi Clerics Handle Sadr: "Kharrazi said Washington's decision to act against Sadr and try to arrest him was a mistake that had disturbed these efforts and inflamed the situation.
'I believe the question of Moqtada Sadr has to be put in the hands of religious leaders in Najaf. They have established a committee and should be allowed to settle it,' he added.
Asked whether Iranian diplomatic efforts were continuing, he said: 'We are in contact with different sides in Iraq and we will continue with our efforts to resolve this Iraqi problem.' "