Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Safaie-Farahani to Shariatmadari:Economy Ministry not hindering auto imports

IranMania News: "Economy Ministry not hindering auto imports

Tuesday, December 28, 2004 - ©2004 IranMania.com
LONDON, Dec 28 (IranMania) - Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance rejected any intervention by the Ministry in car imports or fixing its tariffs.

According to ISNA, Mohsen Safaie-Farahani made the remarks in reaction to Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari's criticism, which accused the economy ministry of throwing a monkey wrench in the process of auto imports by objecting to lower import tariffs.

The official added that the ministry has nothing to do with imports and has no responsibility in setting, reducing or increasing car import tariffs.

The official put the blame on the Ministry of Mines and Industries, adding, "At present, Ministry of Mines and Industries creates obstacles in the way of auto imports." He did not elaborate on how the ministry blocks the procedures for importing automobiles.

He defended the performance of Confiscated Properties Organization on the sale of smuggled goods through tender and said that the organization has acted in accordance with its responsibility and the regulations.

Recently, head of provincial headquarters for combating goods smuggling, Colonel Behzad Qasemi said that properties seized from smugglers by the police forces would be handed over to the Confiscated Properties Organization, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance."


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