Friday, December 17, 2004

Persian Carpet can once again dominate world markets

Persian Carpet can once again dominate world markets: "Persian Carpet can once again dominate world markets
Tehran - Iranian carpet has always been regarded as an invaluable artifact for its foreign and domestic customers alike. Its Chinese, Nepalese, Turkish or Pakistani rivals have never been able to compete with it but, the question is why the rugs from these countries have occupied more than 75 percent of the world markets.
As a matter of fact, political issues as well as the sanctions imposed on the country following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 have been cited as the two basic causes of the Persian carpet’s long absence in the international markets of the woven carpet. With the victory of the revolution, a significant number of the investors and influential figures in the world carpet market fled the country; their absence dealt a grave blow to the industry both inside and outside.

Moreover, by infiltrating in the international markets, the foreign rivals usually have tried to direct, orient the customers’ tastes. They have often been able to tacitly dictate their interests and tastes to the markets. For Example, knowing that let’s say green would soon be the color in vogue for the furniture, they co-ordinate their products with the customers’ future tastes.

But, why despite the private and public sectors’ interests in the expansion of the Iranian carpet exports and preserving its position in the world markets, this unique commodity has given way to its fake and cheep foreign rivals?

Actually, prolonged absence of Iranian carpet in the international markets has resulted in the change in the customers’ taste. Other countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Nepal took advantage of the occasion and established a noticeable foothold in the markets.

However, now that the sanctions are lifted, Iranian weavers too should take note of the changes in the customers’ tastes and present the buyers’ favorite products. But alas, the somehow isolated from the world -Iranian carpet producers are still presenting the old and recurrent designs; the exporters have not been able to transfer new interests and tastes in the international markets to the Iranian weavers. All these have resulted in the failure of the Iranian carpet in its second encounter with the international markets.

Given the circumstances, in order to overcome the obstacles facing Iranian carpet’ production and exports and pave the way for its strong reemergence in the international markets, first of all, the problems of the carpet weavers and workers in the industry, such as health insurances and wages should be resolved, the producers should be encouraged to utilize fresh designs and colors most favored by the market. Modern and state–of-the-art technology should be employed in the industry.

In addition, reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy, lifting the restricting laws and regulations such as those of the taxes, and coordinating the public and private sectors on the issue are of the most necessary and urgent measures to be taken in this regard."


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