Saturday, December 25, 2004

Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel's Christmas Greeting

Speaker lauds peaceful coexistence between followers of divine religions: "Speaker lauds peaceful coexistence between followers of divine religions
TEHRAN, Dec. 25 (MNA) -- Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel said on Saturday that those who sow discord among divine religions like Islam and Christianity are opposed to world peace.
In his Christmas Day message, he called Jesus Christ (AS) a prophet of brotherhood, friendship, and peace, saying that Muslim nations expect Christians across the world to encourage their governments to promote the teachings of Christ.

He went on to say that he attached great significance to the peaceful coexistence between religious minorities and Muslims in Iran, saying that the religious minorities have representatives in the Majlis who are active in making legislation.

The modern world, more than at any other time, needs spirituality and ethics, and the divine religions are regarded as the best means for the promotion of spirituality, Haddad Adel added. "


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