Thursday, December 23, 2004

Iranian Air Force on WAR Footing

Gulf Daily News: "Iran 'ready to defend key sites'
TEHRAN: The Iranian military led by the air force has been ordered to stand ready to defend the country's nuclear sites in case of attack, army chief General Mohammad Salimi said yesterday.

"The air force has been ordered to protect the nuclear sites, using all its power," Salimi said, quoted by the government daily Iran.

"The air force has temporarily suspended all its manoeuvers and focused its means on patrolling the sky," he added.

"All our forces including land forces, anti-aircraft, radar tactics ... are protecting the nuclear sites and an attack on them will not be simple," the general said.

American newspapers and the regional Press have speculated over a possible US or Israeli attack on the nuclear sites of Iran.

US and Israeli officials have denied any such plans.

Israel and the US accuse Iran of seeking nuclear weapons. Tehran denies the charge, saying it needs nuclear power stations to meet booming domestic electricity demand."


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