Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Iran will join WTO next time: official

Iran will join WTO next time: official: "Iran will join WTO next time: official
TEHRAN, Dec. 22 (MNA) — Former director general of World Trade Organization (WTO) Mike Moore said Wednesday that Iran is on its way to joining WTO. It will reach the aim although it may take quite a while, he said.
Moore, talking to the Mehr News Agency asserted that ran would join the WTO next time although, materialization of the issue depends on the country’s preparedness and its flexibility, “Because, joining WTO does not take place overnight.”

He also noted that Iran is determined in its decision to join WTO therefore, it will reach its aim even if it takes it 10 to 15 more years. Countries such as New Zealand will facilitate Iran’s joining the organization, he assured.

In response to a question on whether the U.S. is entitled more power in WTO than other parties member to the organization he stressed that, all the members enjoy equal rights and all of them have the voting and veto rights.

Commenting on the Islamic Republic’s economic preparedness for its membership in the organization, Moore stated that as long as Iran’s economy is based on oil no success is in sight because, the youth in every country need employment and this will not be possible with an oil-oriented economy.

On the question of whether economic liberalization should precede joining the organization he said that, any country in line with its own interests embarks on economic reforms in its economic structure however, it does not have anything to do with Iran’s membership in WTO.

At present, the countries’ membership in WTO is not based on their economic indexes only rather, many other issues such as the nature of the governments and the laws and regulations governing the countries also count, he further explained."


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