Monday, December 13, 2004

Iran says recent accusations against Tehran part of a scenario

Description of Selected News: "Iran says recent accusations against Tehran part of a scenario

TEHRAN (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday that the recent accusations against the Islamic Republic are part of a scenario adding that it will seriously investigate the charges.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said the accusations started pouring in after Iran succeeded to settle its nuclear crisis through wisdom and patience.

Asefi added that new accusations will yet be brought against Tehran besides the recent charges saying that his country will not be surprised to see a rise of new allegations.

There was an array of accusations against Iran in recent days. The Jordanian monarch told the Washington Post that Iran was trying to influence Iraqi elections set for January 30 in a bid to create a "crescent" dominated by Shiites extending from Iraq to Lebanon. Abdullah also said that one million Iranians have crossed into Iraq to vote for Shiite candidates.

Similarly, Iraqi interim President Qazi al Yawar also said Iran is interfering in Iraqi internal affairs. The Egyptian Public Prosecutor Maher Abdel Wahed announced Tuesday police arrested an Egyptian agent for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards recruited by an Iranian diplomat in Cairo to carry out terrorist attacks against Egypt and Saudi Arabia and to assassinate important Egyptian officials.

Asefi said the remarks of the Jordanian king are more like a joke.

“There is no need to respond to such indiscreet statements. They don’t seem to know what ‘one million people’ actually means,” he mentioned during his regular press briefing.

The spokesman stressed that charges by the king of Jordan are unrealistic, irresponsible and an insult to the Iraqi people.

The Najaf Seminary in Iraq also issued a statement on Saturday asking Abdullah to apologize for his remarks.

Iraqi Vice-President Ibrahim al-Jaafari denied in remarks published Friday that Iran was trying to influence Iraqi elections with the aim of creating a "crescent" dominated by Shiites in the region.

"I don't believe that Iran seeks to create a crescent of Shiites in the region. We in Iraq have not seen any sign of that," Jaafari was quoted by Kuwaiti newspapers as saying during a visit to the emirate.

Asefi also said Iran has officially announced its protest against the remarks of the Iraqi president through diplomatic channels. Of course, he said, these accusations by the Iraqi president have been rejected by other Iraqi officials.

On the accusation of the Egyptian prosecutor general, Asefi said the accusation is undocumented and totally baseless. He added that Iran will ask the Egyptian charge d’ affaires in Iran to give an explanation in this regard."


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