Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Iran diplomat accused of spying in Egypt - (United Press International)

Iran diplomat accused of spying in Egypt - (United Press International): "Iran diplomat accused of spying in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- Egypt's Public Prosecutor Tuesday referred an Iranian diplomat and an Egyptian accomplice to trial on charges of spying against Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Maher Abdel Wahed told a news conference Mohammed Reza Dost, a diplomat at the Iranian interest office in Cairo, was referred to trial on charges of recruiting Egyptian Mohammed Eid Dabbous "to gather information for use in harming Egyptian and Saudi national interests."

He said Dost, who is currently out of Egypt, requested Dabbous "supply him with information for a foreign country to be used in harming Egypt's national interests."

"Dabbous agreed with Dost to work for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and to carry out terrorist attacks inside Egypt," Abdel Wahed said.

He said Dabbous actually supplied Dost with information and agreed with him to carry out attacks in Saudi Arabia that would lead to severing Egypt's political relations with the Saudi kingdom.

Abdel Wahed's announcement came amid reports of a rapprochement between Iran and Egypt and the possibility of re-establishing diplomatic relations.

Cairo and Tehran severed diplomatic ties after Egypt harbored the late Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi, who was ousted by the Islamic Revolution in 1979. But the two countries opened interest representative offices seven years ago."


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