Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hossein Marashi: Persian Gulf Museum Planned

Iran Daily: "Persian Gulf Museum Planned

TEHRAN, Dec. 28--Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization plans to establish a museum named after the Persian Gulf as part of a project to set up ten major museums throughout the country.
Announcing this, Vice President and Head of the organization Hossein Marashi said that the ICHTO plans to set up ten major museums in ten regions of the country to symbolize the cultural and civilizational features of those regions.
"Persian Gulf Museum is one of the ten museums, which will be put into operation at the earliest," he noted.
Asked whether the move is in response to the distortion of Persian Gulf's name by the US publication National Geographic and repeated claims about the three Iranian islands, Marashi said, "Authenticity of the name Persian Gulf and significance of setting up an exclusive museum mean more than that to us than simply make a decision to launch a museum on the basis of undocumented moves and false claims."
The only civilization that existed along the Persian Gulf coastlines was that of Iran, he affirmed, adding, "By displaying various manifestations including archeological findings and anthropological and spiritual developments during the historical periods in Persian Gulf Museum, we will establish that the Persian Gulf is related only to the Iranian civilization."
Meanwhile, director of Bushehr Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department, Ardashir Mohammadi said, "In recent months, we proposed the establishment of the museum, which was approved by Marashi."
However, following the distortion of the Persian GulfÕs name by the US publication, it was agreed that provincial institutes help speed up the implementation of the project.
Bushehr Governor General's Office has allocated 20 hectares of land free of charge for the purpose, he concluded."


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