Monday, November 01, 2004

Karrubi presidential candidacy not definite yet

Description of Selected News: "Karrubi presidential candidacy not definite yet

Tehran Times Political Desk
TEHRAN (MNA) -– Asadollah Kian Ersi, a member of the central committee of the Assembly of Combatant Clerics (ACC), said here Monday that there is still no final decision on announcing former Majlis speaker Mehdi Karrubi as a presidential election candidate.

“That Karrubi has already said he will certainly run for presidential post if Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of the Expediency Council, decides to announce his candidacy is an initiative to put an end to this whim that the Conservatives will definitely win the election and to give more enthusiasm to the election,” he told Mehr News Agency. “To people, if Rafsanjani runs for the position, the other candidates will withdraw from the campaign and consequently the public will show less enthusiasm. Hence, Karrubi will step in.”

Asked whether the assembly has come to a final decision over Karrubi candidacy, he said what is quite certain is that the ACC will play an active role in the election and field a candidate for presidency.

Underlining the fact that the general consensus of all former reformist groups on a single candidate was improbable, he said the assembly will focus all its efforts to help reach an agreement.

Shifting to the reformists’ mixed ideas following former prime minister Mir Hossein Musavi’s refusal to contend for the post, he said their differences are not so serious to overshadow the whole issue.

Kian Ersi added none of the former reformist groups has come to a final decision over a certain nominee."


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