Thursday, November 25, 2004

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IranMania News: "



هواي بچگي - مه دخت کشکولي $13.75

هفت گوی بلوری - هرژه $14.95

کاوش در طنز ايران 2 - سيد ابراهيم نبوی $20.31

پدر خوانده و چپ های جوان - محمد قوچانی $15.94


به پاس نيم قرن فعاليت هنري استاد فرامرز پايور $14.95

دورنگی $14.95

حقيقت دارد $14.95

جون منو جون شما $14.95


نبات چوبي $30.55

نقل بادامي $30.1

نقل بادامي رنگي $30.85

نقل بهار نارنج $30.1


جامدادي ليواني $16

Mouse pad $16.25

مجموعه وسايل تزييني مينياتوري $79

لاي کتابي $13.75

Continued state role in ICCIM advocated

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LONDON, Nov 25 (IranMania) - Iranian Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari said that the Khatami administration disagrees with the parliament's proposal to exclude the public sector from Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM), stressing that representatives of all economic sectors should be represented in the body, Iran Daily reported.

"It is not possible for us to create a chamber of commerce for the private sector, one for the cooperative sector and another one for the state sector," he said, adding that the private sector's share in the national economy should increase.

He said the government is planning to make provincial chambers of commerce independent of the ICCIM, adding, however, there would be some limitations on their international interactions once they become sovereign.

Mohammad Reza Behzadian, head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, told Mowj news agency on Tuesday that Iran is in pressing need of greater international economic interaction, adding that the government must not implicate the private sector in its international political equations.

Behzadian said chambers of commerce should not necessarily follow foreign policy patterns in their overseas economic interactions.

He had said earlier private companies will continue economic interaction with US partners irrespective of decisions made by ICCIM to the effect."


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