Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Iran Specialists Association (ISA,) backs Rafsanjani for president

Description of Selected News: "ISA backs Rafsanjani for president

Tehran Times Political Desk
TEHRAN (MNA) –- Khosro Nasirizadeh, secretary general of Iran Specialists Association (ISA,) said on Tuesday that his group supports Hashemi Rafsanjani for president if he accepts to run for the post.

In the view of the country’s current conditions and the world developments the next president should put “national security” and “economic development” high on the agenda of his government and Rafsanjani is a person who is able to meet these two important points.

Nasirizadeh stressed that the next president should be able to cope with unemployment, to resolve the country’s nuclear issue, to remove problems in joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), to reduce the red tape by modifying the country’s administrative system and take steps toward reforming the country’s economic structure.

“Mr. Rafsanjani is our first candidate that we believe can counter the crises,” he told the Mehr News Agency.

ISA central committee members held a meeting with Rafsanjani some two weeks ago. Rafsanjani is the current chairman of the Expediency Council. He also acted as president from 1989 to 1997 for two consecutive times.

However, Nasirizadeh noted that there are many other efficient figures in the country that the ISA can nominate as its candidate if Rafsanjani refuses to run.

The ISA secretary general stressed that popularity is the most important feature that the next president should enjoy in order to be able to protect the country’s national interests.

The next president should be able to foster unity among the country’s different political groups or factions and attempt to bring welfare to the nation based on expertise, he said in conclusion."


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