Saturday, October 30, 2004

Wind farms to produce electricity for Iran

IranMania News: "Wind farms to produce electricity for Iran

Saturday, October 30, 2004 - ©2004

LONDON, Oct 30 ( IranMania) - Primarily, it has been figured that some 6500 megawatts of the country’s power output is produced by wind turbines, Iran's Mehr News Agency said.

Head of Iran Renewable Energies Organization, Yusef Armoodeli said Friday that experts are preparing Iran’s wind atlas through compiling data that is obtained from 17 wind farms in Zanjan, Gilan, Qazvin, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, and Ardebil. “Each wind farm is 40 meters in height”, he added.

“We will build 50 more wind farms in other parts of the country in order to have a fairly accurate calculation of the country’s power production capability”, Armoodeli stated. The first step of the work would be to figure out the wind speed in different areas, he uttered.

So far, he said, 26 points have been marked all over the country, which are estimated to bring the highest amount of power out of winds. “We expect a total of 6500 megawatts for the first stage”, Armoodeli stated, adding that some 120 megawatts have been already produced by the new wind farms.

Meanwhile, he added that the organization is to share the projects with private companies. “It is seen in the Fourth Development Plan that we collect power from private-owned wind farms”. Tavanir has recently accepted offers from several private companies, which tend to take part in wind power production projects, Armoodeli stated.

Presently, the government is building a 30-megawatt wind turbine in Binalud, Khorasan. The Iran Atomic Energy Organization has just started implementing two projects in Manjil and Rudbar, Gilan Province. “These include building wind farms to produce 90 megawatts of power”, Armoodeli uttered.

Each year, Iran obtains 50 mln kW/h of electricity from wind power, he said, adding it will increase as the new wind farms come into operation."


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