Sunday, October 10, 2004

Russian Foreign Minister arrives in Iran to discuss international security

Russian Foreign Minister arrives in Iran to discuss international security: "Russian Foreign Minister arrives in Iran to discuss international security
Tehran, Oct 10, Itar-Tass/ACSNA/IRNA -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Iran on Sunday to discuss 'issues of international security with an accent on the development of Russian-Iranian cooperation in struggle against terrorism'.
According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Alexeyev, Moscow and Tehran 'are guided by the need for honest (without double standards) cooperation in countering this evil'.

Iran's nuclear program will occupy a place of prominence at the talks in Iran. Russia stands out for 'active cooperation and transparency in relations between Tehran and IAEA'.

The Moscow position of principle is that Iran 'should develop the nuclear program within the regime of IAEA and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty'.

"We shall continue cooperation with Iran on this basis," the high- ranking Russian diplomat said.

Setting dates for an Iranian visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin will be one of aims of Lavrov's meetings. "There is an understanding that it will take place, but there is no exact date," Alexeyev noted.

The Russian minister will discuss prospects for economic cooperation between Iran and Russia in the Iranian capital.

"Efficient use of available opportunities will help to hurdle the last year's level of trade of 1.37 billion US dollars," the diplomat claimed.

In the opinion of the deputy minister, it will be necessary to single out bilateral documents for signing in this sphere.

Meetings in Iran will also discuss cooperation in the Caspian within the Five (Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan). A summit of Caspian states is planned to be called in Tehran in the near future.

The sides will examine a post-conflict setup in Afghanistan, restoration of Iraq and confidence-building measures in the Middle East and Asia.

Lavrov's visit program in Iran also includes talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, Secretary of the Supreme Council of National Security Hassan Rowhani and Parliament Speaker Haddad Adel.

The Russian minister plans to visit the former Persian capital and the present cultural center of Iran -- the unique city of Isfahan. It is famous not only for its historical monuments, but also for the fact that the Iranian center of nuclear technologies is situated in its suburbs."


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