Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Montazeri and his supporters betrayed Iran

Special Report: "The decline of Montazeri's power began when his associates leaked news of the secret arms deal with the Reagan administration to a pro-Iranian Lebanese newspaper. The revelation of secret deals with the US and Israel not only embarrassed Rafsanjani, who had organized the negotiations, but also Khomeini, who had personally approved them.

Since the leak that set off such embarrassing international repercussions for Iran (and the Reagan administration), Rafsanjani's faction has carried out a systematic campaign to discredit Montazeri and his supporters. The execution of at least 15 religious figures connected to Montazeri dearly demonstrates that Montazeri's faction continues to be under harsh attack, and also helps explain why Montazeri has personally and publicly criticized the policy of executing political prisoners.

Rafsanjani, "the moderate:' with support from the ultra-right faction, has countered Montazeri's criticism by asserting that any relaxation in the government's current reign of terror will send the wrong signal to the people and that anti-Khomeini opposition forces "will use the opportunity to bring down the regime.""


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