Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Majlis, government’s economic team upbeat over joint meeting

Description of Selected News: "Majlis, government’s economic team upbeat over joint meeting

TEHRAN (MNA) -- First Vice-Speaker, Mohammad Reza Bahonar and Vice- President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Majid Ansari on Tuesday expressed happiness and satisfaction over joint closed door session of government’s economic team and the MPs.

The session was attended by the Minister of Oil, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, Minister of Commerce, Mohammad Shariatmadari, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Safdar Hosseini, Head of the Management and Planning Organization, Hamid-Reza Shoraka, Governor of Central Bank of Iran.

Bahonar called the interaction between the legislative and executive branches, a sign of amity and cooperation aiming to solve the people’s problems. By holding this session the government and Majlis translated this interaction into reality, hoping that these interactions will continue in the future.

He stated that some MPs believe that recent price hikes can be controlled though proper measures.

Ansari, who has recently been appointed to the job, also called the meeting fruitful and hoped that such sessions will contribute to positive and constructive outcomes between government and Majlis. He further hoped to see closer cooperation between the government and Majlis during the remaining days of the present government.

Assessing such cooperation as beneficial to the country and people he viewed that lawmakers go with the national interest and that the government as an executive body is determined to take steps in favor of the people.

In response to the protest of some lawmakers to the high prices of some commodities, he said that the negotiations will be effective in drawing up the budget.

Both government and parliament are determined improving national economy, paying more attention to the low-income social classes, reducing the everyday expenses and taking steps towards achieving the goals set by the 20-year vision plan, he said, adding that there are no distinct differences of opinions between the two bodies.

Being familiar with the process of parliamentary affairs, Ansari determined to render more satisfactory service to the people through close coordination with the government."


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