Sunday, October 24, 2004


IRIB PERSIAN NEWS PAGE: "Iran unemployment dropped to 10.4 pc

03:05:50 È.Ù
Tehran, Oct 24 - President Mohammad Khatami here Sunday said that the current rate of unemployment in the country has dropped to 10.4, thanks to government efforts at improving the national economic structure.

His remarks were made at a ceremony honoring outstanding figures in the field of statistics and planning.

He also said the reduction in the rate of unemployment was the result of government measures aimed at creating more jobs and eliminating unemployment as a whole.

Referring to the country's 10.4 rate of unemployment as still far from desirable, the president said he hoped more can be done to reduce unemployment in the future.

He also stressed the importance of having clear objectives in any planning activity, and expressed his belief that the country's precious experiences, experts and strong communication structure would all help create a sound statistical system for the country."


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