Friday, October 29, 2004

IranMania News: Iran, Syria call for cooperation

IranMania News: "Iran, Syria call for cooperation

Friday, October 29, 2004 - ©2004
LONDON, Oct 29 ( IranMania) - Minister of Industry and Mines Eshhaq Jahangiri and Syrian Minister of Transportation Makram Obeid in a meeting in Damascus Thursday stressed cooperation in transportation sector between Tehran and Damascus, Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

They expressed hope that with rescission of violence in Iraq and establishment of peace and stability in the war-torn country, bilateral trade will be carried out through Iraq "which will considerably increases the mutual trade volume and lower the costs."

Jahangiri also pointed to Iran`s progress in manufacturing train wagons, vehicles and road transportation machinery.
In a separate meeting with Syrian Economic and Commerce Minister mer Hosni Lotfi, the visiting Iranian minister of industry and mines said "the trend of the two nations cooperation has been positive during the past decade."

The two side emphasized the need for greater participation by the private sectors of the two countries in the economic and industrial spheres.

Jahangiri also participate with the his Syrian counterpart in the 4th Iran-Syria Industry and Mining Committee meeting.

In the meeting discussions were to render support to the Iranian car manufacturers `Saipa` and its Syrian counterpart in producing pride` Models in Syria.

The two ministers also agreed that if the activities by the Siamco` cooperation (Samand) are economically feasible, building the truck and auto-bus producing plants will also be considered by the two

Syria has expressed satisfaction on the job performed by the Iranian experts on the repairs carried out at the `Ammonium` arm of the Syrian Petrochemical company.

Iran and Syria here Tuesday night called for promotion of bilateral cooperation to the level of their political relations.
Jahangiri, in a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Ghassan Tayyarah, said Iranian officials will do their utmost to boost joint cooperation with Syria, particularly in industrial fields.

He voiced his country`s readiness to share experiences with Syria and invited Ghassan to pay a visit to Iran to become more familiar with the country`s achievements.

Tayyarah said implementation of the two giant projects including the Iranian-built cement production plant in Hama and the first Iranian-made automobile factory for the Iranian national car of Samandare among the important industrial cooperation between the two sides and called for further cooperation in this regard.

The two ministers expressed their eagerness to exchange technical and engineering experiences in industrial fields and hoped their talks would lead to setting a program for future bilateral industrial


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