Monday, October 18, 2004

Iran Khodro builds new platform for Samand

IranMania News: "Iran Khodro builds new platform for Samand

Saturday, October 16, 2004 - ©2004

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LONDON, Oct 16 (IranMania) - The new model of Samand will use a brand new platform, head of Iran Khodro Research Center, Nasseri told ISNA on Friday.

According to Mehr News Agency (MNA), this new model spawns a new engine and a new gearbox, he added. “Radical changes will also be made in X and H-back platforms to have a completely different model in 2006,” Nasseri stated.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group surveyed people in several auto fairs in order to find out which model is most popular. “The 2006 Samand prototype has tried to resemble Pardis according to its popularity,” Nasseri uttered.

“We will change motor components, power units, automotive suspension and steering systems in this new model”, he said, adding that they are to form an entirely Iranian model on the car.

Iran Khodro experts have designed the next generation of Samand with L-90 platform. “We might also use Peugeot 307 platforms for Samand if negotiations produce good results.”

Iran Khodro cooperates with a German research center in order to provide a national design for the engines of all Iran Khodro cars. “The new engine is to be mounted on Samand 2006”, Nasseri stated.

According to Nasseri, Iran will soon be able to make cars with X-90 and other platforms. “With a joint platform, we can design different engines, different gearboxes and different suspension systems, thus, we would make different platforms”. That is the way Volkswagen, Audi, Mitsubishi, Proton, Nissan and Renault manufacture various models of cars, he added."


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