Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Armitage: US not yet seeking sanctions on Iran :

Armitage: US not yet seeking sanctions on Iran : "Armitage: US not yet seeking sanctions on Iran

Tokyo, October 13
Iran should be "brought to account" on its nuclear programme, but Washington is open to ideas other than taking it to the UN Security Council for sanctions, US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said on Wednesday.
Diplomats have said that the European Union had agreed on Monday to prepare a package of "carrots and sticks" to get Iran to comply with demands by the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to suspend its uranium enrichment activities — a process that can be used to make material for atomic bombs.

Washington is working with the EU on the plan in a final effort to get Iran to cooperate with the IAEA, but has been said unlikely to offer an new incentives of its own.

"The Iranians... have made a decision apparently to hide, to continue to hide their programme and indeed, in addition to that, they have made some very scurrilous statements publicly," Armitage told a news conference in Tokyo.

"We hold the view that Iran needs to be brought to account and we would like to move to the UN Security Council after the November (IAEA) board of governors' meeting," Armitage said.

"But we're open to all ideas that people have because one thing has become clear and that is that we all share — the G8 (Group of Eight) — the same end, the desire, and that is that Iran should be free of nuclear weapons and be transparent and let the international community have sufficient confidence that that is the case," he added."


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