Sunday, September 12, 2004

NAM to issue statement on Iran’s nuclear case

IranMania News: "NAM to issue statement on Iran’s nuclear case

Sunday, September 12, 2004 - ©2004

LONDON, Sep 12 ( IranMania) - The Non-Aligned Movement members of the IAEA Board of Governors have prepared a draft statement on Iran’s nuclear dossier, but will delay the release of the statement until Monday, Iran's Mehr Nesw Agency reported.

The 13-page statement by NAM, which has taken a very positive view of Iran’s nuclear program, has been finalized.

According to unconfirmed reports, the delay of the release of the NAM statement is due to resistance by some member states.

The 35-nation IAEA Board of Governors begins its next session in Vienna on Monday and is scheduled to hold another meting at the end of November."


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