Wednesday, September 08, 2004

IranMania News

IranMania News: "Three convicted drug traffickers hanged in Iran

Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - ©2004

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LONDON, Sep 8 ( IranMania) - Three Iranian men convicted of international trafficking in hards drugs were hanged Tuesday in a prison in Tehran, the student news agency ISNA reported.

The trio -- identified as brothers Keyvan and Kamran Razaghi and accomplice Amin Janati-Tabar -- had been convicted of "buying and selling at least 19,600 kilograms (about 43,120 pounds) of heroin and cocaine," the report said, although the figures could not be confirmed.

Their smuggling activities reportedly spanned Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Canada, the United States and Colombia.

The report added that the three also imported drugs from Afghanistan for distribution in Iran but also for export via Cyprus to Asian, European and American markets.

Murder, armed robbery, rape, apostasy and serious drug trafficking are all punishable by death in the Islamic republic."


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