Saturday, September 04, 2004

IranMania News

IranMania News: "US accused of using Al-Qaeda against Iran

LONDON, Aug 31 (IranMania) - Iran accused the United States and European secret services on Tuesday of unsuccessfully using former Al-Qaeda operatives against the Islamic republic.

Intelligence Minister Ali Yunessi also warned the United States of an Iranian response to any attempt by it to destabilise the country, Iran's State News Agency (IRNA) reported.

The Minister told reporters that elements that were no longer a part of Al-Qaeda "were infiltrated by intelligence services from America, Europe and even the region".

"A number of them were activated by these services to commit terrorist acts, but we identified and arrested them," he claimed, without giving any further details.

"There is no security in the region without Iran, and if the United States or any other country threatens our security, their security will also be threatened," the minister warned.

"The region is not safer than what it was before September 11. The Americans got rid of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, but have expanded insecurity in the world. One of the aims of the US ... is Iran," he added.

Yunessi nevertheless reiterated that Iran was fighting "all forms of terrorism".

"At the present moment, a number of important members of Al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam are in our prisons," he said, repeating earlier declarations but again refusing to elaborate on the identity of those being held.

Ansar al-Islam was a hardline Iraqi group based along the border with Iran that was targetted by the United States at the outset of the war on Iraq. Iran has in the past been frequently accused of helping both it and Al-Qaeda."


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