Sunday, September 12, 2004

Iran said to have 'excellent' defenses - (United Press International)

Iran said to have 'excellent' defenses - (United Press International): "Iran said to have 'excellent' defenses

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 12 (UPI) -- A top Iranian military official said Sunday his country has "excellent" military defensive capabilities, especially in ballistic missiles.

The official Islamic Republic News Agency quoted the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Yahiya Safawi, as saying, "Islamic Revolutionary Guards today have the largest defensive power in the region."

Safawi made his comments during a Sunday news conference held to announce the beginning of Iran's "Ashoura 5" military maneuvers that will continue to Sept. 20.

He said the war games were aimed at "upgrading the defensive capabilities by carrying out air and ground operations."

Safawi said the general objective of the maneuvers is to "confront the possible international threats and dangers and upgrading the level of the fighting and jihad spirit among the Guards prepare for protecting the sovereignty of the country and providing national security."


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