Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Iran may file international complaint if IAEA Board approves current resolution

Description of Selected News: "Iran may file international complaint if IAEA Board approves current resolution: official

VIENNA (MNA) -- An informed source said on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic may file a complaint at the Hague against the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors if it tries to force Iran to halt its uranium enrichment activities.

The source, who requested anonymity, told the Mehr News Agency that the demand runs counter to the IAEA charter and other international treaties.

He added that if the current course of events continued, the Iranian delegation at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna would definitely issue a statement criticizing the EU draft resolution.

The source stated that clear signs of U.S. pressure are evident in the EU draft, particularly in clause seven.

Representatives of Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands have protested against the inconsistent and tough-worded draft resolution on Iran’s nuclear dossier proposed by Britain, Germany, and France.

The EU member countries believe that the decision made by the European Union big three is not in line with the interests of all EU states, raising a new challenge for the EU 3.

Members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) have also censured the three countries for their cold attitude toward the NAM group.

In addition, Russia has criticized the EU draft resolution.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Russia and China are considering using their power of veto if Iran’s nuclear dossier is referred to the UN Security Council. However, the Mehr News Agency could not verify the authenticity of the report. --------ElBaradei: no proof Iran has nuclear weapons program

Mohamed ElBaradei, the IAEA director general, said despite claims by Washington there is still no firm evidence that Tehran is secretly developing atomic weapons.

"Have we seen any proof of a weapons program (in Iran)? Have we seen undeclared (uranium) enrichment? ... Obviously until today there is none of that," ElBaradei told reporters before entering a closed-door session of the IAEA Board of Governors.

"But are we in a position to say that everything is peaceful? Obviously we are not at this stage," Reuters quoted him as saying.

Iran has signed the additional protocol to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which allows for snap inspection of sites. Moreover, Iran previously submitted a detailed 1000-page report about its nuclear program to the UN body.

After careful study, the agency has come to the conclusion that all declarations by Iran were consistent with the IAEA findings, including Iran’s statement that the source of enriched uranium detected on imported equipment was foreign.

ElBaradei said South Africa's investigation into a ring of suspected nuclear black marketeers might shed light on smuggled nuclear materials.

"I think we're getting a good deal of information from South Africa," ElBaradei said.

"There's a lot of information that could have an impact on both our understanding of the Iranian program and the Libyan program," he told reporters. -------No legal justification

Former Iranian ambassador to the IAEA Ali Akbar Salehi told the Mehr News Agency that there is no possibility of halting the nuclear fuel cycle in Iran or sending the dossier to the Security Council and if the board adopts such a resolution, Iran can take the case to the Hague-based International Court of Justice.

Salehi said the idea of sending the case to the Security Council is out of the question.

Basically, he said there is no legal justification for sending the Iranian nuclear dossier to the Council or depriving the country of access to the complete nuclear fuel cycle.

He said denying Iran of the right to make a peaceful use of nuclear energy is against the 1969 Geneva Treaty. ---------EU diplomats: U.S. pushing for a tough resolution on Iran nuclear program

Diplomats from European Union heavyweights have announced that their proposed draft resolution on Iran’s nuclear program does not include a two-month deadline, but they admit that they are under unprecedented pressure by the U.S. to formulate a tough-worded resolution on Iran’s nuclear program.

The diplomats have said that in recent days, especially after the Brussels meeting, Washington has launched unprecedented and intense diplomatic pressure on the EU big three to include the terms “trigger mechanism” and “deadline” in the draft text. -------NAM issues statement on Iran nuclear program, protests EU draft resolution

The NAM members of the IAEA Board of Governors issued a statement on Tuesday in protest to the EU-drafted resolution.

The countries have expressed their clear support of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities and have strongly opposed the Europeans’ harsh remarks on Iran’s nuclear dossier. The NAM members believe that the EU resolution runs counter to Iran’s legitimate rights stipulated in the IAEA rules and regulations.

In a session held on Tuesday morning the NAM members agreed to express their strong protests to the British, French and German representatives through the group’s Malaysian chairman Hussein Hanif.

The MNA also reported that representatives of the EU big three countries with a group of other EU members held a closed-door session on Iran’s nuclear dossier on Tuesday.


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