Friday, September 17, 2004

Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari met with Turkish Foreign Trade Minister

Iran, Turkey Set to Reduce Custom Tariffs to Boost Trade Persian Journal Latest Iran News, news Tehran Iranian News persian news web site sport irani news iranians site farsi women sport woman, newspaper football: "Iran, Turkey Set to Reduce Custom Tariffs to Boost Trade
Sep 17, 2004, 10:14

Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari met with Turkish Foreign Trade Minister and Customs Affairs Kursad Tuzmen in Istanbul on Wednesday.

At the meeting which was held on the sidelines of the 8th meeting international congress of Moslem entrepreneurs and traders, the two sides expressed satisfaction on the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries acknowledging that the trade volume should be higher, IRNA reported.

Shariatmadari referred to the reduction of trade tariffs between the two states slated to drop by four percent in the next five years saying the agricultural and industrial goods should be included in new tariff regime. Tuzmen, who is also the Turkish chairman of Iran-Turkey Joint economic Commission also said Turkey's priority is to promote on industrial goods. Moreover, It was decided that for a working group of experts to review the issue and inform the commerce ministers of its findings. He conveyed the dissatisfaction of Iranian exporters at Turkey levying 3.5 percent customs duties for each kg of Iranian-made china-ware to the country. He also brought up the issue of reducing the additional interest tacked on by the Turkish `Export-Import Bank' on credits extended for transaction with Iran. The Turkish official promised to look into the matter as soon as possible and expressed hope that the ground will be paved for higher volume of bilateral trade. He further vowed that he will strive to prepare the grounds for tripartite cooperation between Iran, Pakistan and Turkey in creating free trade zone before 2015 which was approved by the just concluded Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) meeting held in Dushanbe. The 8th international congress of Muslim entrepreneurs and traders kicked off in Istanbul Wednesday with the participation of private and government representative form 50 Islamic countries. In the latest available figures, the trade exchanges between Iran and Turkey were valued at 1.448 billion dollars for the first seven months of 2004, showing a boost of over 11.75 percent compared to their value during a similar period in the previous year. The trade exchanges between the two countries were valued at some 1.296 billion dollars during the same period in 2003. According to a report by the Turkey`s state Institute of statistics released in August, Turkey exported $55.689 million worth of goods in January alone while it imported $178.464 million worth of goods from Iran. The figures stood at $45.846 and $192.245 million, respectively, in January 2003. Some $283.9 million value of goods were exported to Iran by Turkey during the first seven months of 2004 while $1.064 billion worth of goods were imported by Iran. Turkey's exports to Iran reached $271.68 million over the same period. Iran`s exports to Turkey, on the other hand, amounted to $1.024 billion. Iran accounted for 1.1 percent of Turkey's total exports while accounting for 1.8 percent in Turkey's total imports. Turkey's imports from Iran registered a 3.9 percent increase over the same months compared to the figure in the previous year while its exports to Iran reveal an increase of over 41.3 percent.


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