Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ayoon wa Azan (Neo-Con Spies III) (Mossad's Michael Ledeen)

Dar Al Hayat: "Ayoon wa Azan (Neo-Con Spies III)
Jihad Al Khazen Al-Hayat 2004/09/23

I will continue today with the neo-conservatives and their spying for Israel. I have known the neo-cons since Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle used to work for Democratic Senator Henry (Scoop) Jackson. The neo-cons are neither Democrats nor Republicans, but shift from one party to the other for the service of Israel, on the account of America. After the United States was the most popular among Arabs, the constant American question has become today: why do they hate us?

To go back to the spying issue, we would see that Wolfowitz, the companion of Perle and the rest of the Israeli cabal, was not exempt from being subject to investigations. In 1978, he was investigated after being accused of giving documents of an American weapons deal with Saudi Arabia to an Israeli government official, via an American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) mediator again and again.

In 1990, after 10 years of working at the State Department in Washington and outside it, Wolfowitz moved to the Department of Defense (DoD) to work as Cheney's (who was Secretary of Defense) Under Secretary for Policy. Two years went by when an investigation started about Israel transmitting to China the technology of American Patriot Missiles. It turned out that Wolfowitz's office was promoting the selling of M-9 Missiles to Israel, in an incident that resembles the attempt of Stephen Bryen to sell Israel spare parts for the Arrow Missile.

Wolfowitz left the DoD during Bill Clinton's term, and kept working for Israel from abroad. In 1998, Wolfowitz was a co-signer of a public letter to the President organized by the "Project for the New American Century." The letter, citing Saddam Hussein's continued possession of "weapons of mass destruction," argued for military action to achieve regime change and demilitarization of Iraq.

Clinton was too intelligent to be fooled, but the neo-cons pushed the Bush administration into an unjustified war that killed American youth for the protection of Israel, despite the fact that Iraq never presented a real threat to the security of Israel. When the terrorism of 9/11 occurred, it was first believed that 10,000 people were killed; nevertheless, on the second day after the terrorism of Al-Qaeda, Wolfowitz did not ask about the blood of the innocent victims, and his first suggestion was to attack Iraq.

My study will not be complete without talking about Michael Ledeen, one of the most dangerous neo-con preachers, and the defender of Sharon's Nazi government.

In 1983, on the recommendation of Richard Perle, Ledeen was hired at the
DoD as Consultant on Terrorism. His immediate supervisor was the Principle Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs, Noel Koch. Early in their work together, Koch noticed with concern Ledeen's habit of stopping by in his (Koch's) outer office to read classified materials. When the two of them took a trip to Italy, Koch learned from the CIA station there that when Ledeen had lived in Rome previously, as correspondent for The New Republic, he was carried in Agency files as an agent of influence of a foreign government: Israel. Some time after their return from the trip, Ledeen approached his boss with a request for his assistance in obtaining two highly classified CIA reports which he said were held by the FBI. He had hand written on a piece of paper the identifying "alpha numeric designators". These identifiers were as highly classified as the reports themselves, which raised in Koch's mind the question of who had provided them to Ledeen if he did not have the clearances to obtain them himself.

When Ledeen moved to work as a consultant for the National Security Council (NSC), Koch warned the FBI about his record of spying for Israel, without being accused, despite the fact that in early 1986, the Justice Department was in fact already engaged in several on-going, concurrent investigations of Israeli espionage and theft of American military technology. It seems that all high-ranking officials doubted Ledeen's behaviors; in 1985, National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane banned him from accessing operational information about the crisis with Iran; also, Secretary of State George Shultz asked for stopping Ledeen's offer for intelligence cooperation with Israel, as he found that Israel's agenda differs from that of American. On the same year, he decreased Ledeen's security authorization, in order to ban him from seeing top secret documents. On 16 January, 1986, staff member Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North recommended to the new head of the NSC John Poindexter that Ledeen be asked to take periodic polygraph examinations.

Ledeen clearly collapsed during the scandal of Iran-Contra, but I find his political ideas to be more dangerous than his direct work for Israel. After one month of the war on Iraq, he asked for launching a war on Iran. He wrote on April 30, 2003 an article for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), where he uncovered himself by saying "It is time to focus on Iran, the mother of modern terrorism... The time for diplomacy is at an end; it is time for a free Iran, free Syria and free Lebanon," meaning it is time for America to launch a war on these countries, for the service of Israel.

Did the reader notice that what Ledeen wrote 18 months ago, is the issue of the moment for the U.S. administration, or the Israeli cabal within and around the administration? Throughout the 1990s, Ledeen wrote inciting to war against Iraq; he is now writing in demand of a war against Iran, and later Syria. He said in the Toronto Globe and Mail last year: nobody I know wants a war on Iran or Syria, but I think that we must defend ourselves.

I will stop here to say that Ledeen is defending the Israeli crimes, a thing that makes of him a partner in them; he also covers up for the Israeli daily terrorism, and talks about the terrorism of others instead. It is certain that the extension for President Emile Lahoud, the Syrian role in it, and the resolution of the Security Council, would provide a new substance for the likes of Ledeen, in order to ask for war on every country they see as a security threat on Israel; knowing that Iraq was just a beginning for them. This was one of the reasons for my objection to the extension for President Emile Lahoud, as this represented a weapon for the most dangerous enemy, to use against Syria and Lebanon. However, this is another issue, as I only ask the Syrian officials to be extremely cautious, as every extremist stance taken by the neo-cons, eventually becomes a policy for Dubya' s administration. I continue tomorrow."


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