Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sky News - Iran fears nuclear strike from Israel

Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event: "
Iran fears nuclear strike from Israel

Iran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons while its possession of missiles threatens Middle East peace, the United States has warned.

Washington's renewed criticisms came as Iran carried out a test on an upgraded version of its medium range Shahab-3 missile.
The US has been concerned by recent developments, including Tehran's continued denials of US claims that it is using a civilian nuclear energy programme to hide weapons development.

A spokesman for the State Department said: 'They've got a clandestine weapons programme which, combined with delivery systems, is a threat to stability.

'The United States has serious concerns about Iran's missile programmes and views Iran's efforts to further develop its missile capabilities as a threat to the region and the United States' interests.'

He added: 'We believe they're of concern and we are working with our international partners to address them.'

The Shahab-3 is the mainstay of Iran's military technology and has largely been developed to stave off an attack by arch enemy Israel.

Tehran fears Israel could launch a strike against its controversial nuclear programme.

Iran's missile is capable of carrying a one tonne warhead at least 800 miles - well within range of Israel. "


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