Monday, August 02, 2004

Photo Shaha Ali Riza - Paul Wolfowitz's romantic interest

Notes on Shaha Ali Riza: "Notes on Shaha Ali Riza
Paul Wolfowitz's romantic interest
Shaha Ali Riza
Shaha Riza is the acting manager for External Relations and Outreach for the Middle East and North Africa Region at rthe World Bank.
Shaha Ali Riza is a senior World Bank official who was born in Tunis, grew up in Saudi Arabia and holds an international relations masters degree from St Anthony�s College, Oxford. Close acquaintances of the couple have told The Daily Telegraph that she is romantically linked with Wolfowitz, 61, a fellow divorcee with whom she has been friends for several years.
Dual Loyalties: Special �relationship� behind US West Asia policy
Dual Loyalties: Strange bedfellows? Wolfowitz has Arab feminist girlfriend"


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